Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Laughing with Dad

Today I am reminded of my Dad's contagious laughter.  Lately Josh and I have been trying everything we can think of to get Nolan to laugh... he smiles a lot and makes cooing sounds like he is trying to laugh... but nothing yet.  My Dad had the best laugh.  Well, he had different ones really... one for a funny TV show or movie, one when one of his friends or siblings told a funny story, one when he was laughing with us during tickle fights when we were little, one when he was trying not to laugh and me or my sister when we said something clever or sarcastic and even one when he was trying to laugh so hard that we would be embarrassed to death in public :).   I loved my Dad's laugh.  I love that my Dad loved to laugh.  I love and miss my Dad.  Nine years and it still seems like yesterday.

I literally can't wait for Nolan to laugh!  I am excited to share future laughter and memories with him.  I look forward to sharing funny stories with him about my Dad, his Pop.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nolan's 2 Month Update

Nolan is 2 months old!  (Or was on December 1...)  I figure that posting a little late is better than never :).  I have gotten quite lax with my blog as of late... guess that's what maternity leave will do to you.  I would really like to get back into updating it as I have always loved looking back on it in later to years to see what we were up to... and now I think I will want to do that even more!  Here is an update on Nolan.

Weight: 12 lbs. 6 oz  (75th percentile)

Height: 24.8" long  (95th percentile)

Clothes Size: 3 month or 3-6 month depending on brand

Diaper Size: 1 (We prefer the pampers swaddlers - I am thinking that we may need to switch to size 2 with our next big box...)

Sleeping Patterns: 5 hour stretches at night... give or take.

Milestones: Smiling a lot (no laughing yet... despite Josh and I's constant efforts), pushing head up while on tummy, starting to grab some things... mainly mommy's hair :)

Favorite Memory this Month:  Introducing him to so many of our family when we went home for Thanksgiving to Florida.  He is so well loved by everyone.

During this month, I feel like Nolan has grown and changed so much... which kinda makes me feel guilty for not updating the blog more.  I feel like each day he grows and changes a little bit more.  Right now we are getting ready for Christmas... the tree and decorations went up the week before Thanksgiving.  Nolan loves to sit it his swing and look at the lights on the tree.  All I keep thinking about is how different our Christmas next year will be :).

This week Josh and I went to visit the daycare that Nolan will be going to in January.  Although I know leaving him there is going to be one of the hardest things I have to do... I feel better about it after seeing it.  I know that he will be well-taken care of and he will be right near the hospital (Josh's work).  I am trying to get everything ready for daycare... make sure we have the correct supplies and that I have enough bottles pumped.  He will start 2 days after we return from Christmas travels which is coming quickly!

My maternity leave (although I still have 3 weeks left) has gone by so fast!  It definitely makes me sad that it is almost over - I would not trade spending these precious first few weeks with Nolan for anything.  It also gets me excited about how much he is going to grow and how we will be able to interact with him in the coming months.  We love our sweet boy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Nolan was born on Monday, October 1 at 5:22 pm.  His delivery was a planned induction.  Everything went very well and although I was initially very nervous about the whole process... I now realize that everything worked out exactly how God planned it and I would not have wanted anything different.  

I went into the hospital at 5:30 AM that morning, got checked in and then began the process of getting hooked up to all of the monitors and fluids.  Honestly, for me, this was the worst part - I was so nervous  (and I am a wimp when it comes to needles, etc) that the IV was probably the worst part.  (Weird, I know!)

Before being hooked up to start the labor process

Our last picture as a family of two!
Once I was hooked up to the monitors, we realized that I was already in the early stages of labor.  This made me feel a lot better knowing that although we were inducing, Nolan probably would have come within a couple of days or so.  Planning the induction was wonderful since we were able to prepare and make sure that my Mom made it in time to be there.

Around 9:00 AM I got the epidural.  At first my contractions were not too bad and I even had the crazy thought that maybe I should wait/not get one at all.  What if they are never really that bad?  The nurse encouraged me to go ahead and request it if I wanted it at all.  By the time the anesthesiologist was able to administer it - I was definitely ready!!  I was so ready... that I was not even nervous about the needle in my back.

Throughout the day, my doctor came and checked on me and I progressed slowly but surely.  They had to up the dose of pitocin a couple of times.  Around 4:30 PM when the nurse checked me for the last time... she said that I was finally ready to start pushing.

Pushing was a process that went very differently than I thought it would.  I am used to the movies/TV shows where the doctor and a ton of nurses run in and it is very dramatic and the baby is out in 10 minutes.  Maybe this is how it is for some people?  Once I started pushing, it was just me, Josh and my nurse in the room.  She waited about 20 minutes and then called my doctor in.  Overall it took a lot longer than I thought - but was not bad.

By 5:22 PM, Nolan was born!  It was truly an amazing experience.  There were so many emotions that Josh and I felt - but mostly, we were so relieved and excited that our son was finally here - safe and sound.

When we first met Nolan

Josh cutting the umbilical cord

Our first family photo

8lb 5oz, 20.5" - Our big boy!

Truly a miracle
I am so thankful for our baby boy - Nolan James Hewiett.  It has been two weeks and two days since he arrived and we love him more and more each day.  He is a healthy and happy baby and we could not be more thankful.  We love you, Nolan and can't wait to watch you grow each day.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Today is our five year wedding anniversary.  I can't believe how fast these 5 years have gone!  To say that our lives have changed a bit would be an understatement... moving to Alabama, Josh going to grad school... moving 2 more times, buying our first house and now having our son, Nolan.  I wouldn't trade these past five years for anything.  Josh - I love you and I can't wait for our next adventure together!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Nolan James Hewiett was born Monday, October 1 at 5:22 PM.  He weighed 8lb. 5oz. and 20.5" long. Mom and Nolan are doing great.

We are so blessed and thankful to have our little boy with us.  I will be working on his birth story that I can hopefully post very soon!

Friday, September 28, 2012


How Far Along: 39 Weeks Today!!

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a watermelon (19-22 inches long, 6 to 9 lbs.)

The Bad: Sooo many trips to the bathroom and some significant back and hip pain now...

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes.  Most of my shoes are tight too - hopefully that will not permanent! 

Gender: BOY - so excited to meet him by Monday!

Sleep: Sleep is hard!  Everyone says that is preparing for all night feedings...

Movement: Still feeling him move all the time!  He is getting ready to come out I think.  

What I miss: Sleep!!  Don't think that is going to improve much very soon :)

Cravings: I really miss eating ice cream or drinking regular soda/sweet tea whenever I want to... not sure if that is a craving or just a sugar withdrawal... (I am having to watch my sugar intake.)

Symptoms: Belly feels stretched to the max!!  Frequent trips to the bathroom... back and hip pain - The preggo waddle is definitely in full swing!!

Best Moment this week: (Besides finishing my last day of work today!)  Having my last Dr. Appt - it was surreal leaving there and knowing that the next time I will be up there will be when I am in the hospital having him.  I am going in to be induced this Monday, October 1 - if he does not decide to come this weekend...

Josh and I are ready to meet our little boy.  We are going to try and relax this weekend and just make a couple of runs to the store, etc to stock up on things.  I can't believe that by Monday evening, we should be holding our little boy!  I feel so blessed :).

Countdown to Baby Boy Hewiett's Birthday: 3 days or less until he is here!!  

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Fall is finally here!  We had some cooler weather last weekend and now we are back in the mid-80's.  I am hopeful that the cool breeze will return soon.  I love Fall.... the weather... the football... the holidays... our anniversary... our birthdays (soon to include baby Hewiett!)... the Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Hand Soap... and of course, the decorations!  I spent last weekend putting out the few decorations we had and making a few new ones.  

First up: the mantel in the den.  Honestly, this is one area that I really haven't done anything with since we moved in.  Josh kept asking me what we should do with it... so we decided - FALL it is.  This setup will get us at least through the end of November and then Christmas decorations can follow...  I found a wreath that I really liked at Target for $30.  It was decided that since our mantel is quite large, we could probably use more than one and so - we were off to Hobby Lobby the next day and then I re-created these three beauties for about $30 for all 3 - not too bad!  We added a few pumpkins & guords, some candle sticks (Target) and Randy the Reindeer (found at our brand new Huntsville Homegoods).  

Fall-themed Mantel
Hobby Lobby Wreaths to mimic Target
The other fall decorations at this point simply include the table setting in our kitchen.  I got this table runner and napkin rings at Pier 1 a couple of years ago and still love them.  They make me happy!

Table Setting in Kitchen
That's all for now... possibly more to come after Baby Hewiett arrives... we will see how motivated we are :).  Hope everyone is enjoying fall!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So I know that most moms and even couples go through a nesting phase... The Hewietts are no different - we have indeed been nesting since late spring.  The only difference: we are "building a nest" that incorporates the entire house.  Phrases like "before he gets here" and "then we will have an infant in tow" have been motivation for Josh and I to try and get lots done to the house this summer.  

Here are two more rooms that we have made some progress on... I am not sure that I am ready to call them "done" - but definitely far improved :).  

The first update here is to the bedroom downstairs.  The previous owner used this room as an office.  It definitely has a lot of character with the wood wainscoting, crown molding, built-in bookshelves and 3 large windows.  We couldn't wait to give this room a facelift.   
After initially setting up this room as an office, we later decided to convert it into a second guest room.  (Anticipating lots of visitors in the near future!)  We decided to paint the wood paneling, crown molding and shelving a nice, bright white and use a cheery green as the wall color.  Here are the results:

AFTER: GUEST BED ADDED (Plus a dog that loves to photo-bomb.)
Another project that we incorporated into this bedroom reno was some french provincial furniture that I used when I was little.  The pieces were actually my Aunt Sissy's (Dad's sister) when she was little and then they got passed to me and then they got passed to my cousin Miranda.  I was fortunate enough to end up getting them back and we thought it would be fun to give them a facelift of their own and use them in the guest room.  


Again, I would like to say that this room is still a work in progress... We found an antique headboard/footboard set that needs to be painted and installed.  I would like to find a bedside lamp, a mirror over the chest and some more accessories.  We would also like to add some drapery panels at each window to add pattern and and softness to the space.  All in good time.  For now - we are pleased with the results and can't wait for the room to be used by our sweet family and friends who visit after Baby Boy Hewiett is here.

The second renovated room is the downstairs half bath.  This cute little (and functional as it is the only one downstairs) bathroom was screaming for an update with mauve walls and gold hardware.

This renovation was pretty simple - we decided to use left-over blue/grey paint from the Den, add some black and white frames to tie in the black and white floor tile, switch out the old outlet and light switch, change out the hardware for a satin nickel finish instead of gold and get a new hand towel & porcelain knobs on the vanity.

AFTER: HALF BATH RENO - Kept original light fixture (love!)
We would still like get a new faucet and eventually add some crown molding to this room - but again, we feel like this room is light years better with just a few improvements.

Monday, September 17, 2012


How Far Along: 37 Weeks (Last Friday) - Today I am actually 37weeks, 3 days

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a watermelon (19-22 inches long, 6.5 lbs.)

The Bad: Still lots of trips to the bathroom... and some minor back pain starting.  Not too bad though.  I think I have officially begun the preggo waddle... especially by the end of each day....

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes.  Some of my shoes are starting to get a little tight too.  Hopefully that will not last forever.   

Gender: BOY - getting so excited to meet and see him.

Sleep: Sleep is increasingly difficult... no one ever told me that I would be going into this utterly exhausted... I thought that came after...

Movement: Still tons of movement - Josh actually answered that question at the Doctor this week - "O yeah, I see him moving all the time.  He doesn't stop!"  

What I miss: Used to say sleeping on my back... now I just miss sleeping!  I also miss drinking sweet tea whenever I would like.  Although, I had a sip of Josh's Chik Fil A sweet tea last night and almost fell over from sugar shock!  

Cravings: I really miss eating ice cream or drinking regular soda/sweet tea whenever I want to... not sure if that is a craving or just a sugar withdrawal... (I am having to watch my sugar intake.)

Symptoms: Ever growing belly.  My heartburn has actually come back in full force in the past couple of weeks!  Josh calls me the Tums Queen :).

Best Moment this week: The update at the doctor this week is that I am now 3cm dilated.  She confirmed that the induction on October 1 should go very smoothly.  We also had another sonogram as well to check my fluid levels (which turned out to be normal) and they said that he looked pretty comfortable in there despite my dilating... hopefully he will make it to the induction date which will be at 39 weeks, 3 days.

I feel pretty ready for his arrival - we are finishing up all of the last minute preparations that we can think of.  (I mean, how prepared can you really be?!?)  We are definitely very excited and nervous all at the same time - but are trusting in God's will and timing for the birth of our little boy.

Countdown to Baby Boy Hewiett's Birthday: 2 weeks, 3 doctor appointments & 9 days of work (or less) until he is here!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


How Far Along: 35 Weeks (Last Friday) - Today I am actually 35weeks, 5 days

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a large cantaloupe (21 inches long, 6 lbs.)

The Bad: Going to the bathroom every 30 minutes... especially when we are out shopping or walking around... poor Josh!

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes at this point... I am looking forward to going back to some of my old wardrobe soon :).  

Gender: BOY - getting so excited to meet and see him.

Sleep: Sleep is difficult - get up every 2-3 hours for the bathroom and toss and turn a lot trying to get comfortable... poor Josh again...

Movement: Still lots of movement - I feel like he is running out of room! I had a Doctor's appointment this morning and they were monitoring his heart rate for a few minutes (which was great, BTW).  After a couple of minutes, he started kicking the monitor pad, almost like he did not like the pressure of it pushing on him.  It was pretty funny.  The kicks sounded very loud on the monitor - I think he was mad.  

What I miss: Still miss sleeping on my back... soon enough!

Cravings: I really miss eating ice cream or drinking regular soda whenever I want to... not sure if that is a craving or just a sugar withdrawal... (I am having to watch my sugar intake.)

Symptoms: Growing belly, still a little heartburn or random hiccup here or there... from me that is.  He gets hiccups a lot too now.  

Best Moment this week: The doctor said at my appointment this week that I am already 2cm dilated - she said that I should either have a relatively easy delivery when we induce on October 1 (which is great news) or he may even come a little early (which is slightly scary, yet exciting!!)  We are both getting so excited to meet our little man!

We still have a few things left to do but we are getting there... I am all packed for the hospital and my Mom and I did lots of laundry this weekend when she visited.  We are just about ready to bring this baby home - now we need to install that car seat!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It is finally finished!  This nursery has truly been a labor of love for both Josh and I.  We spent lots of time picking out and thinking of every detail and we are both extremely happy with the results.  We are so excited to bring our little one home to enjoy his own space :).  

Nursery for Baby Boy Hewiett :)
Window Nook with Toy Box & Book Rack - Found at TJ Maxx
Jenny Lind Crib painted GREEN by Josh
PBKids GATOR bedding from Grammy & Papa (Josh's Parents)
PBKids Diaper Bag from Mimi (My Mom)
Well organized closet with Target shelves & Bins - assembled by Josh
Baby Boy certainly has a lot to wear, and I have lots of laundry in my future!
PBKids Curtains, Rocker, Mobiles & Quilt.  Land of Nod Changing Pad.  Art from Etsy.  
Art from Etsy.  Ernie doll from Aunt Lisa.  Nolan Ryan signed baseball.
Florida Gators mini helmet (of course!) and Sperry's to match Josh.
Homegoods dresser, hamper, end table & lamp.
And that is all - we are so excited to bring Baby Boy Hewiett and actually make use of this space.  I already love sitting in here and imagining him sleeping away in the crib.  Josh and I just keep thinking - all of this for someone who will be so small!  Not for long I am sure...  can't wait!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


On Saturday, August 11, our wonderful friends and family hosted two baby showers for Baby Boy Hewiett in Jacksonville.  I finished up my travels for work that week and headed straight to Jax where I met Josh for the weekend.  It was so wonderful to see all of our family and friends and we are so thankful for everything that they did for our baby boy.

Both Grandma's with Baby Boy Hewiett - Mimi & Grammy :)
The first shower was hosted by my college friends Jackie, Paula and Liz.  The shower was at Liz's parents' house and we invited a lot of friends from Jax.  It was so wonderful to see everyone!!

Beautiful Food Table
Eating before playing games
Gifts for Baby Boy Hewiett
Christmas jammies :)
Are you My Mother?  - Can't wait for story time
Baby Boy Hewiett's Blanket with an alligator :)
With Aunt Cat
Shower Hostesses AKA Gator Aunts - Jackie, Paula & Liz
The second shower was later in the afternoon and was hosted by our families.  It was held at Normandy Park Baptist church in one of their fellowship halls.  

Beautiful decorations done by Aunt Mel
Food & Presents for Baby Boy Hewiett

Love this picture: Mimi, Aunt Cat, Mommy, Aunt Mel & Grammy :)
Aunt Pat, Me, Mom & Aunt Lala
Michelle & I with our boys 
Cowboy boots and a Long Horn for the trips to Texas
Getting ready for fishing :)
Hewiett/Allen Men with Baby Boy Hewiett's Name
Dad and Mom - Boy does that sound weird!
Aunt Lisa, Ashli, Me, Grandma Hewiett & Mel
Baby Hewiett with his Great-Grandmothers
Overall it was a wonderful weekend with family and friends and we are so incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful gifts we received.  We were able to come home and finish the nursery last weekend - I will post pictures very soon!