Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last week was a very busy week! Josh and I had our 2 year anniversary on Tuesday and then his parents and Aunt Lisa came to visit us Wednesday through Sunday. Our anniversary was great!! He was so sweet and got me these beautiful flowers. The sales associates in the floral department at Whole Foods kept questioning him as to why he would want to pick out red and orange flowers for his wife on their anniversary... he kept trying to explain that pink and purple would just not do. He finally told them that all of the flowers in our wedding were in fact red and orange and I am sure got the same reaction that I get from most people when I tell them the same thing... o well, some people can just not picture it. On our anniversary Josh told me that I could pick anywhere I wanted to go and eat. I decided that I really just wanted a hamburger and so we went to the place where you can get the best burger in town - FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES!!

Josh's parents and Aunt Lisa came into town on Wednesday night and stayed through Sunday. We took them to most of our favorite restaurants in town, toured them around the city, played the Wii and Capitalism every night and just got to spend good quality time with them. One of the highlights of their trip here was definitely our visit out to Sylacauga and the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory. Although not everyone (Josh) enjoyed the trip - I thought it was fun and best of all FREE! We took the tour and then got to sample any flavor that we wanted. I found my new favorite flavor: Moolinium Crunch.

On Friday Josh and his dad went out to Oak Mountain with Molly to go hiking while the girls went yard selling and shopping - we did not find too many promising sales yet we did manage to spend an hour and a half in whole foods! Not too bad. I think that the hiking trip was a great success! Here is a great picture on Josh and Molly in front of the Waterfall. Now we are going to have to go back and try to pose a Christmas card photo or something.

On Friday afternoon Josh and I hung out with Ben and Jess who were in town for the Alabama homecoming weekend. We went to one of the best Thai places here - Surin for lunch and then they came over so that they could see our place! We miss having them so close! It is pretty funny how we have officially swapped home towns with them now - we are originally from Jax and they are originally from Bham. On Friday night we went over to Josh's Mom's 2nd cousins house (did I get that right?!?!) Karen lives about 10 minutes from us and is a school teacher in Mountain Brook (the next suburb over from us.) She and her brother Sam had us over and cooked a wonderful meal for all of us. It was great to get to know them and to discover that we in fact do have family very close to us!

Overall the whole week was a lot of fun. We were so glad to have family come to visit... it makes it feel like we are really not that far away. Love you all and thank you for coming!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


... I married my best friend. Josh and I were married October 13, 2007 at our home church in Jacksonville, FL. Our reception was at the Hidden Hills Golf & Country Club in Jacksonville. We dated for almost 5 years before that, which makes our total time together to be 7 years!! I can't believe how much time flown by. Here are a few pictures of us through the years to show you how far we have come!

I love you babe and I can't believe it's been 2 years! I am so proud of you and everything that you do. I love you and I can't wait to spend the next 75 with you!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


So today I had a day off from work and I was feeling a little crafty... I decided to take on a very easy project suggested by a friend of mine here in the Ham. Christine is a fellow Interior Designer from Florida. She graduated from FSU, although we try not to hold that against her. :) She is so talented and has a wonderful Design and DIY blog at She posts almost every day on all of the projects she completes or things she thinks are great design. It is great if you like to be inspired. She recently posted an entry on an Easy Fall Wreath. It was so cute, I just had to try it!! Here is the results of my wreath... not too bad if I do say so myself.

It definitely help me get in the "mood" for Fall. I am not too crazy about most of the Fall Wreaths that I have seen in stores and I absolutely love this one... and it was a fraction of the cost of most ready-made ones you find in the stores... all the supplies and everything I found today at Michael's and it only totaled $7.50. Not bad at all. Thanks for the great idea, Christine!

I also picked up another crafty edition to our home while at Michael's today... Molly needed something to keep all of her toys in here and so I found this cute basket that has a removable lining that I can take out and wash. I added some of this pink and orange ribbon that I already had to coordinate with her pink bowls.

I feel very accomplished today... it was a good day off. I am back to work tomorrow and then off just in time to watch Florida play LSU. Go Gators!

Hope everyone has a great weekend,

Monday, October 5, 2009


This weekend we brought a new furry family member back from Jax to live with the Birmingham Hewietts: Molly. She has been my mom's dog for the past three years and is now going to be living with Josh and I. My mom and sister found Molly at the Humane Society three years ago - she was so sweet and well-trained. She already knew how to sit and shake. We absolutely love Molly - she is so well behaved and has a great, fun-loving personality.

She rode with us in the car yesterday afte
rnoon for the 8 hour drive from Jax to the Ham... she did great. She seemed a little concerned as this was her longest car ride (with us at least) and we had all of her wordly possessions (food, toys, shampoo, leash, bowls, beach towels - I mean beds, etc) with us. Once we arrived last night she seemed very excited and spent most of the night exploring the apartment before going to bed... she did, however, forget to change her clock to Alabama time and woke us up with a loud bark to go outside at 5:45 AM. We are going to have to work on that!

Here are some pictures of her playing this morning... she really wanted to show everyone her new GATOR toy that my mom bought her for her move to Alabama. Mom knew that Molly would need to let all the other pups know where her true loyalties are. That's all for now... stay tuned for more updates and pictures of Molly.


We went home to Jacksonville this past weekend for Adam and Tyler's wedding. This was our first trip back to Jax since we have made the move to Birmingham. It was great to see everyone. We got into town on Friday afternoon and went straight to get Josh's tux and then got ready and went to the rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner was at Hanna Park at the Dolphin Plaza - a very nice indoor pavillion on the beach. (This was a great spot for a rehearsal dinner, or even a wedding reception for that matter. I highly recommend it!) The wedding was on Saturday afternoon - the ceremony was at Monument Point Church in East Arlington and the reception was at the Wyndam hotel near downtown - everything was absolutely beautiful. It was so great to see everyone and we had a ton of fun dancing the night away. We are so excited for Tyler and Adam - they are now on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico!!

Me with the best looking groomsman!

Tyler and Adam cutting the cake
Adam and Josh
Steven, Laura, Becca and Josh

The Send off - complete with fireworks!
I just love weddings!! Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!