Friday, October 9, 2009


So today I had a day off from work and I was feeling a little crafty... I decided to take on a very easy project suggested by a friend of mine here in the Ham. Christine is a fellow Interior Designer from Florida. She graduated from FSU, although we try not to hold that against her. :) She is so talented and has a wonderful Design and DIY blog at She posts almost every day on all of the projects she completes or things she thinks are great design. It is great if you like to be inspired. She recently posted an entry on an Easy Fall Wreath. It was so cute, I just had to try it!! Here is the results of my wreath... not too bad if I do say so myself.

It definitely help me get in the "mood" for Fall. I am not too crazy about most of the Fall Wreaths that I have seen in stores and I absolutely love this one... and it was a fraction of the cost of most ready-made ones you find in the stores... all the supplies and everything I found today at Michael's and it only totaled $7.50. Not bad at all. Thanks for the great idea, Christine!

I also picked up another crafty edition to our home while at Michael's today... Molly needed something to keep all of her toys in here and so I found this cute basket that has a removable lining that I can take out and wash. I added some of this pink and orange ribbon that I already had to coordinate with her pink bowls.

I feel very accomplished today... it was a good day off. I am back to work tomorrow and then off just in time to watch Florida play LSU. Go Gators!

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


Spencer and Emily said...

hi Rebecca! I LOVE the wreath - so cute! Ijust put mine up on our front door. How is Molly adjusting?? Do yall like having her there!?

Christine @ GreatOakCircle said...

I love your wreath! You did a great job!