Thursday, July 12, 2012


Lately, we have been hard at work in the nursery getting things ready for our baby boy due in about 12 weeks!!  We have decided to use one of the extra bedrooms upstairs as the nursery - it has a very unique shape that we thought would work perfectly for the furniture we wanted to include: crib, rocker, dresser/changing table & toy chest.  When we first moved in - the room look like this:


For the design of the nursery - I am trying to pull together lots of elements that would be sort of industrial and am also incorporating a few reptile themed items... the bedding I picked out has an alligator on it (tastefully done of course) and so I am playing off of that by incorporating other reptiles/animal accessories... although, I am not sure if that is the theme... I am trying not to go too overboard.

So far, we have painted the walls, trim and doors, changed out the outlets/face plates from ivory to white, installed an overhead light, purchased a dresser and toy chest and found various accessories, toys, books and artwork to include.

NURSERY: PROGRESS - Walls painted a dark khaki color

Industrial Pendant Light Installed - Pottery Barn Kids 

Toy Chest for Window Niche - Homegoods

Dresser/Changing Table - Homegoods (Broyhill)

A few toys/accessories we have collected or received as gifts + artwork from ETSY

We have also been working on the crib.  We found a Jenny Lind crib on craigslist and purchased it before we even knew the sex of the baby... we had decided that either way, we liked the style and would plan to paint it an accent color.  
 Jenny Lind crib after we sanded and cleaned it off...

Here is my sweet husband applying the first coat of primer (we did two)

First coat of GREEN paint - love it so far

Because of the torrential amount of rain we have had over the past few days, we have yet to apply the final coat of paint.  After that, we plan to let the crib cure for at least 2-3 more days before moving it inside.  I am so excited to see the end result in the room.

So... we still have a lot of work to do.  We have ordered a rocker and rug for the room - those should come in later this month and we need to get curtains for the windows, more accessories and hang everything/set it all up/organize.

For the most part I think the big items are either taken care of or on their way so I feel pretty good.  I hit the road this Monday for 4 weeks in a row for work.  We I return after all the travel in mid-August, we plan to pull everything together in a couple of weeks or so.

Will post the final results very soon!

House Update: Den & Kitchen

Happy Thursday everyone!  So glad that tomorrow is Friday... things have been busy around here.  We are definitely still doing lots of work on the house and although I would not say we are "done" - there are definitely a couple of rooms that I feel like have progressed enough to show you :).  

The first room is our den - I think this is definitely the most dramatic before and after room that we have so far... The room has original pine paneling that had not been touched since it was built/installed in 1970.  As soon as we saw this room... we knew it had a ton of potential.  We loved the character in the architectural detailing and the larger than life fire place.  


Upon moving in, we decided that this room would be used as our family room or living room and would contain our media cabinet with TV and large comfy sectional.  It is in the perfect location since it is right off of the kitchen and would be convenient to watch kids play/hang out while I am in the kitchen cooking.  We immediately decided to paint the wood paneling and trim/door but leave the wood beams in the ceiling as is... We changed out the window treatments and overhead lighting.


We absolutely love the end result.  Painting the walls a grey/blue color has lightened up the space tremendously.  The room feels very comfortable and much more like home :).  We still have lots of plans for this space... some of which include: Clean up the fireplace/add accessories to the mantel (since it is such a focal point, I am taking my time to find just the right items...), add window panels on the windows to soften the hard edges and find an end table/lamp for the sofa end of the sectional.

The next room that we worked on was the kitchen.  Again, we love the character of our kitchen and simply thought that a fresh paint job would lighten up the space.  The paint in the kitchen when we moved in was a dark red color... Now, don't get me wrong, I love red - just not on the walls.  


We immediately painted the walls a light french blue, changed out the light fixture on the working/cooking side from gold to oil rubbed bronze and changed out the faucet on the sink to an oil rubbed bronze finish to match the existing hardware on the cabinets.  


We love our kitchen - again, the improvements we have made so far make it really feel more like home.  There is a ton of storage/work space which makes making meals together much easier!  

That is all of the improvements I have to share for now... stay tuned for more to come.  I am hoping to post a few PROGRESS pics of the nursery since I am getting so anxious to show everyone!  

Sunday, July 8, 2012


How Far Along: 27 Weeks (Friday)

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a head of cauliflower (16 inches long, 2.5 lbs)

The Bad: Nothing really too bad at this point... leg cramps have stopped for now (very glad).  

Maternity Clothes: I am in maternity pants and tops all the time now... don't really have anything non-maternity that fits anymore. I am also loving the maternity dresses - very comfortable!

Gender: BOY - we can't wait to meet him :)

Sleep: Sleep is getting more and more difficult.  Getting up multiple times during the night to use the bathroom and getting some more noticeable pains in my sides and back.  

Movement: Still feeling lots of movement!  I can tell that he does not have nearly as much room as before... his movements are slower but bigger... if that makes sense.  I am beginning to wonder if he is going to have any room left to move at all in a couple of months.  Also - I can really tell when he is unhappy with the way I am laying when asleep - he lets me know.

What I miss: Sleeping... although everyone is telling me that this is just preparation for what is to come.

Cravings: Still no real cravings which is kind of boring I know... sorry no pickles or hot sauce here!

Symptoms: More frequent trips to the bathroom (of course) and the ever growing belly - I can't believe how much he has grown since my last update a month ago.  Josh and a lot of my friends have said the same thing... 

Best Moment this week: Getting to see our little guy in another sonogram at our appointment and starting to work on the nursery.  I think it is really starting to hit us that we will be bringing home our baby boy to live with us in 3 short months!  

Nursery Progress... this week we started (well, Josh started and I watched...) painting the crib (there are lots of layers of paint and airing out in between), hung the light, switched out the outlets/switches in his room, found a toy chest and framed some artwork that I found and purchased off of Etsy.  I am hoping we can finish the crib this week and I can post some progress pics.  We are so thankful and are so excited to prepare for our baby boy.