Monday, April 16, 2012

15 WEEKS!!

How Far Along: 15 Weeks (Last Friday)

Size of baby: Baby is the size of an avocado (4-5 inches long)

The Bad: TIRED.

Maternity Clothes: I am pretty much in maternity pants all the time now... only have a couple of non-maternity pants that still fit. I received lots of maternity clothes from my best friend Jackie (thank-you!!) and my mom and I went shopping when she was hear for Easter. I am loving the maternity dresses - very comfortable!

Gender: Our official appointment is set for May 14th to have our "20 week" sonogram... we did find out a little early though. We are so thrilled, but are waiting to reveal it to the world (facebook, etc) a little longer :)

Sleep: Still getting up at least once to use the bathroom each night - I am thinking this will only get worse?!? Other than that I am sleeping very well so far.

Movement: Nothing yet!! I was told that the jolt I thought I felt last month was too early...

What I miss: Deli sandwiches... sometimes I just want a ham and cheese sandwich that is not heated...

Cravings: I have really started to crave asian food... mainly stir-fry dishes like fried rice or pad thai. I am still having aversions to mexican food and pulled pork... poor Josh - these are two of his favorites.

Symptoms: The heartburn is getting a little worse... I pretty much get it every day.

Best Moment this week: At our appointment this week - we got to HEAR the heartbeat for the first time!! On our last appointment the Doctor had a hard time finding it since it was still so early. This time, she was able to find it right away. It was a "strong 152". We were so excited to get to hear it!! Later... they offered to do an early sonogram to see if they were able to determine the sex of the baby... I will update on this very soon!

Things are progressing nicely! It feels like time is starting to go by very quickly. We are just so thankful and so excited for this little miracle!!