Tuesday, July 22, 2014

27 Week Update (24 week picture) and the GENDER Reveal :)

Please let me preface this update by saying that I know I am terribly behind with updates... this summer has simply gotten away from me.  I am now almost in my third trimester and we have know for a WHILE that we are going to have another BOY!  We are so excited to finally share this news with everyone.  We think it is going to be so much fun for our boys to have each other as play mates and best friends.  Here is a short update on how the pregnancy is going...

How Far Along: 27 Weeks on Saturday, July 19

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a cucumber, 15" long, 2.2lbs

The Bad: Nearing the end of the second trimester... heartburn is definitely worse & lower back pain a lot of days.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants/shorts and tops.

Gender: It's a...BOY!!

Sleep: Still sleeping relatively well - Takes me a while to get comfortable.  

Movement: Lots of movement ALL of the time - I think we have another active one :).  

What I miss: Hot tubs?  Not really... haha.

Cravings: Still no real cravings that I can tell this time.  

Symptoms: Belly getting bigger, back pain, heart burn, etc. 

Best Moment this week: Josh got to feel this one move a couple of weeks ago - such a cool feeling and definitely makes me happy to know our little guy is moving around in there :).  

Nolan's 21 Month Update

NOLAN'S 21 MONTH UPDATE - on July 1 - Better late than never:

Weight: 28lbs measured at the Doctor on 8/15/14 (22.5 months)

Height: Need to Update (Would not stand still long enough :)

Clothes Size: 2T shirts, 18-24 month shorts/pants

Diaper Size: 5 (Huggies Snug & Dry)

Sleeping Patterns: Nolan is still sleeping through the night (8:00PM - 8:00AM).  He is taking a 2 hr nap in the afternoon as well - Hope this continues for a while after the baby gets here too :).

Milestones: Teething: Nolan still has only16 teeth.  Nothing new since his one year molars came in.  Nolan still runs EVERYWHERE and can climb our stairs very well - he still needs help going down the stairs.  He can also climb on lots of other things like most chairs and some tables...  Eating is still going great - he has almost mastered using a spoon and a fork.  His favorite food right now is cantaloupe and peanut butter/jelly sandwiches and his least favorite is still green beans.  Nolan is talking a lot now!  He will say and repeat (when he is in the mood) lots of words and phrases - "Mama, Daddy, Papa, Mimi, Uh-oh, I do, NO, I go, All done, Meas (Please), Tractor, Truck, Car, Cheese, etc."  He can also make several animal sounds - Our favorites are the Cow, Pig & Chicken - just ask him!  Nolan is also learning his anatomy and can point to his nose, eyes, mouth, feet, hair, etc.  Nolan has gotten really good at putting puzzles together - he loves to sit in his room and listen to music while doing his puzzles.  Nolan LOVES trucks - he will point a truck or tractor out from a mile away.  Nolan is great at cleaning up - He will put his toys away, sometimes without even being asked and will pick up trash he sees to throw away as well as clean up spills with a kitchen towel.

Favorite Memory this Month:  Nolan is learning to give kisses and hugs - When you give him a hug, he will usually say "Awwwww".  It is so sweet - melts your heart :).  We love our sweet boy.