Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This past weekend was amazing - 3 of my best friends from Florida came to visit us in Birmingham. Jackie, Paula and Liz stayed with us for 4 days and we showed them all around the Ham! They arrived on Friday morning and Josh picked them up from the airport while I worked a half-day. We met up for lunch and went to the delicious Saw's BBQ in Homewood. Afterwards we did lots of shopping and stopped by to say "Hello" to Mr. Vulcan.

On Saturday we slept in, chatted up during breakfast and then made the trek out to Oak Mountain. (The pic you see below was very graciously taken by our chauffeur and my husband - Josh.) We decided to climb down to the waterfall that we love and it was quite a climb since everything was still very slippery. We all managed to climb down and then back out of the valley in one piece - however, let's just say that some of us struggled more than others...

Josh: "Jackie, just move your foot to that spot right there..."
Jackie: "Don't you see that is impossible as I am already doing the SPLITS?!?!"
Becca: To Jackie - "They all have longer legs than us - NOT FAIR."

Becca: (Grunting in frustration and fear.)
Paula: "Becca, haven't you done this before?!?"
Josh: "Yes, she has..."

Sunday was Paula's birthday and so we ordered her favorite cake Edgar's Bakery and we sang to her on Saturday night after Josh and I made dinner.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, Baha Burger for lunch, outlet shopping in the afternoon and then dinner at Jackson's for Paula's birthday - busy but very fun day!!

I am so thankful for such a fun and relaxing weekend with friends. Lots of girl time :). Poor Josh was a little overloaded with Estrogen, but he was amazing as he baked cookies, cooked dinner from a Pioneer Woman recipe (haha), drove us everywhere and just plain put up with us. Love you, Babe.

This 4-day weekend was a much needed break before my upcoming work travel schedule:
Next week - Pennsylvania for a new project for Lock Haven University
Week After - Gainesville for progress visit and UF housing Reception onsite (Hopefully I can update!!)
Following week - Possibly to OHIO?!? (Don't think I've been there before...)


Last Sunday night, January 9th, we got our first snow of this winter here in Birmingham. The storm that came through brought lots of rain and and about an inch of snow - this created a layer of ice that covered everything. We ended up having our first official "SNOW DAY" (on Monday) since we have moved here - no work or school for us!! It was kinda nice to relax and have a 3-day weekend.

You can see Molly surveying the damage from her spot on the "veranda" (as we like to call it.) She was very restless and could not understand why we could not all just run around in it - after Josh slipped on the ice in the parking lot while walking her Sunday night, we decided to stay inside as much as possible until it melted some.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sorry it has been so long since the last post - Josh and I had a very busy and exciting 10-day long break from work and school over Christmas/ New Years that we spent at home in Jacksonville with our family and friends. We had a lot of fun!! We arrived in Jax on the 23rd and spent time with Josh's family on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Christmas lunch we went over to Josh's Grandparents' house and then headed over to my mom's house for Christmas dinner.

Melissa and I on Christmas Eve

Molly on Christmas Eve - Stylin' it for the Camera

The Annual "Fun" Hewiett Family Pic - we had to work
hard to top the Human Pyramid from last year :)

Molly was exhausted after all of the festivities

Christmas Night at My Mom's House - Family Pic

Kids with Aunt Lala

On Monday after Christmas Josh, Melissa, Josh's Dad and I went to Islands of Adventure. It was a rather chilly day but we were glad to endure it in order to ride roller coasters and get a glimpse of the new Island that just opened last summer...

This may be my favorite picture of the day :)

Melissa and I before Spiderman in 3D

Heading into Jurassic Park where Melissa convinced us to ride the water ride...

... the aftermath - but at least we saw the dinosaurs :). We were able to immediately dry off on dueling dragons...

Our first glimpse of Hogwarts :)

Dad and girls in Hogsmeade

Josh and I in front of the Weasley's Car

These are the crowds we faced to see Harry...

Waiting in line in front of Hogwarts Castle to ride the Harry ride...

End of the Day - in front of the Hulk

Monday at Islands of Adventure was a lot of fun - I am so glad we got to go. For the rest of the week we got to hang out with our family and a few of our wonderful friends that we do not get to see that often. We were so fortunate to get this break to spend in Jacksonville and celebrate the Birth of Christ surrounded by our family. We love and miss you all.

Think this gets me caught up on what we have been up to last month - this next week should be interesting - there is a storm coming in to Birmingham tomorrow that is supposed to bring snow, I am going to Baton Rouge for work all week (supposed to be driving on Monday - we will see if the roads are icey) and next weekend 3 of my best friends from Jax are coming to visit for 4 days - I can't wait :). Paula, Jackie and Liz arrive on Friday and leave next Monday. We will be busy showing them around Birmingham which will I am sure include: shopping, hiking, eating and lots of other fun things we think of. I am so excited to see my wonderful friends and so thankful they are coming - the last time we were together was when Jackie got married last April. Will update on how next weekend goes!!