Thursday, March 29, 2012

1st Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks!!

I decided that I should probably get started with the pregnancy updates... I don't have a baby bump photo yet - Josh and I have taken a few so far... but you really can't tell anything so I will spare you :).

How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a peach - 3"long

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1 pound (Not too bad so far...)

The Bad: Nausea - although (I think) I am almost done with it?? and still so TIRED.

Maternity Clothes: Bought a bella band 2 weeks ago and have begun to wear most pants with the top unbuttoned.

Gender: We should find out around 19 weeks...

Sleep: I am already getting up at least once to use the bathroom each night - I am thinking this will only get worse?!? Other than that I am sleeping very well so far.

Movement: I thought I felt a little jolt this past weekend... I am thinking that may be too early!?!?

What I miss: Riding roller coasters... haha

Cravings: I think my only real craving right now might be peanut butter...I have quite a few aversions - most of which center around mexican and pulled pork - can't eat either at the moment.

Symptoms: Nausea, heartburn, indigestion - I sound like a pepto commercial!! Too bad I can't take any pepto...

Best Moment this week: Josh got a job offer in Huntsville - we are officially moving and will be having a baby in Huntsville!!

Although I don't have baby bump photos yet... I do have sonograms!! Here are the sonograms from my first 2 appointments. The first one was scheduled at 7 weeks and the second one was done at my 11 week appointment when the dopplar machine could not find the heartbeat (which they said was very common) and they did a quick sonogram to make sure everything was okay!! It is so neat to see our little one doing summersaults!!

7 week Sonogram

11 Week Sonogram

I totally did not notice it at first, but at the 11 week sonogram, you can see the baby's face looking into the camera - you can see two eye sockets and an outline for the mouth. It melts my heart :).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hewietts - Soon to be a Family of 3!!

That's right folks, we are going to have a baby!! I apologize for the lack of posting on the subject until now - we decided to do the big Facebook reveal last week and we have been busy and traveling ever since! Here is a little update on how we found out the exciting news and how we told our families...

How we found out - Josh and I started to have "the discussion" last Fall and decided that we were ready (or so we thought...haha) to start trying around November. I came off of the patch at that time and immediately realized that it may take a little time since it was a VERY strong dose of estrogen and my body was all out of wack - emotionally and physically... in mid January, before I headed off for a trip to St. Louis for work, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I assumed that since it was around the time when it should show a positive if I was pregnant, that I was not. However, I got back from my trip on Thursday night, January 26th and decided to take one more test just to be sure... this time we got a very different result!! I took the standard line test and although the line was pretty evident, it still was not as dark as the "control" line so we immediately ran out to the CVS to grab a digital test just to be sure - the results were clear - "PREGNANT." We were beyond excited.

How we told our families - We wanted to think of a creative way to tell our parents and siblings and so we turned to Pinterest (where else?) and found the idea for this picture:

Funny side story as we are taking this picture... We really wanted to tell our families in person before we told anyone else - so when we took this picture, Josh, my doctor and myself were the only people that knew... some ladies walk up in the parking lot next to us and immediately one of them yells "what are you taking this picture for?!?" (Please remember, we live in the very small town that is Cullman, AL and anything out of the ordinary will cause people to speak out.) Without even thinking I yelled "We are pregnant and we are taking this picture to tell everyone!!" They were very excited for us, it was sweet. Sorry Moms - unfortunately you were not the first to know after all...

We headed home to Jax the weekend of March 2-4 to tell the family. We got in late Friday night (as usual) and I just could not wait to tell my Mom and since she was still awake - we gave her a "present" which was the picture above in a frame. It took her a minute to read and when she could make out what it said - She jumped up and down and ran to hug us. On Saturday we were able to have lunch with my sister, Aunt Lala and my grandparents and we told all of them as well - they were just as excited. Later that afternoon we headed to Josh's parents house. We were planning to have dinner with his sister, grandparents and aunt that evening and so when we got to their house we asked his parents to come to the back bedroom and handed them the same gift - picture in a frame. As they pulled it out, Josh's Mom immediately started tearing up and as his dad read it he said "Congratulations!!!". They were so excited, it was a very sweet memory :). We later told the rest of the family and they were all thrilled!!

We called several friends over the next couple of weeks and made the BIG Annoucement (to Facebook) on Friday, March 16th after my 11 week appointment.

I am now officially 12.5 weeks along and feeling pretty good - I am hoping to do an update post later this week for my first official pregnancy update. :)

Josh and I are beyond excited and so honored at this opportunity from God to be parents. We are already praying for our sweet little one and for our ability to raise and guide him/her.

We have a busy summer ahead of us - Josh is officially accepting a permanant position at Huntsville Hospital this week and so we will be in full house-hunting mode and hopefully making the transition to Huntsville over the next couple of months. I will continue to work at my job in Birmingham through at least August and traveling to job sites as long as my doctor gives me the "OK". We are excited to plant our lives in Huntsville, get plugged into a church and get ready for the baby! More updates to follow...