Thursday, March 29, 2012

1st Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks!!

I decided that I should probably get started with the pregnancy updates... I don't have a baby bump photo yet - Josh and I have taken a few so far... but you really can't tell anything so I will spare you :).

How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a peach - 3"long

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1 pound (Not too bad so far...)

The Bad: Nausea - although (I think) I am almost done with it?? and still so TIRED.

Maternity Clothes: Bought a bella band 2 weeks ago and have begun to wear most pants with the top unbuttoned.

Gender: We should find out around 19 weeks...

Sleep: I am already getting up at least once to use the bathroom each night - I am thinking this will only get worse?!? Other than that I am sleeping very well so far.

Movement: I thought I felt a little jolt this past weekend... I am thinking that may be too early!?!?

What I miss: Riding roller coasters... haha

Cravings: I think my only real craving right now might be peanut butter...I have quite a few aversions - most of which center around mexican and pulled pork - can't eat either at the moment.

Symptoms: Nausea, heartburn, indigestion - I sound like a pepto commercial!! Too bad I can't take any pepto...

Best Moment this week: Josh got a job offer in Huntsville - we are officially moving and will be having a baby in Huntsville!!

Although I don't have baby bump photos yet... I do have sonograms!! Here are the sonograms from my first 2 appointments. The first one was scheduled at 7 weeks and the second one was done at my 11 week appointment when the dopplar machine could not find the heartbeat (which they said was very common) and they did a quick sonogram to make sure everything was okay!! It is so neat to see our little one doing summersaults!!

7 week Sonogram

11 Week Sonogram

I totally did not notice it at first, but at the 11 week sonogram, you can see the baby's face looking into the camera - you can see two eye sockets and an outline for the mouth. It melts my heart :).

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Jacqueline said...

LOVE!!!! You might start to feel flutters soon, but a jolt is definitely too early. ;)