Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yes, we are still alive... I am just a terrible blogger.

It has been over 2 months since my last post - shame on me!! Although, I must say - I am noticing a common trend with many of my blogging buddies. Busy times.

Where do I even begin...

TRAVEL - We do a lot of it!! I still need to post about our wonderful trip last NOVEMBER to San Diego. I need to get on that.... Josh had a hospital conference and I got to tag along and we celebrated our birthdays in style!

For the holidays we were in Dallas for Thanksgiving and Jacksonville for Christmas... need to do update posts about this as well...

In January we visited our friends Sarah and Logan in Memphis and Adam & Tyler in Murphy, TN.

For work this year I have already been to Kent, Ohio & Carbondale, IL. I will have several more trips in the coming months to Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, NH (get to fly into Boston!! - never been there before!), Kennesaw, GA, Lock Haven, PA & Raleigh, NC. This summer is going to be busy!

Josh and I also have a couple of FUN trips coming up soon... Chicago in March (another hospital conference I am tagging along to) and BERMUDA in June for my sister's wedding cruise!! Can't wait :)

ON CALL - Josh's residency is going great and this year he has actually started to rotate as the "Administrator On Call." You should definitely ask him about it if you see him... he has done one week-long rotation so far and it was quite eventful. Those middle of the night phone calls to settle Physician disputes are not fun, let me tell you.... (Or let him...)

ACE - This year I am a mentor in the ACE program here in Birmingham. Design & construction professionals mentor highschool students in the junior or senior year who are interested in becoming an Architect, Construction Manager, Engineer (or Interior Designer!) Each week we visit different firms and learn about the design and construction processes. The kids even have to complete a group project which we had to assist with... I think I had a little PTSD from studio come out, but hopefully they were not too scared :).

DRIVE - We drive like its our job - each of us have a 110 mile roundtrip daily commute and we are counting down the days until we move! We have enjoyed the past 9 months in small town America - but we are ready for a slightly bigger city - somewhere we can both live, work, go to church and say TARGET within 5-10 miles of each other. Josh's residency will finish this May and so we will hopefully have some exciting updates this summer on where we are moving next!

SMALL GROUP - We are still involved (as much as we can be) in our small group at Brook Hills. We miss seeing everyone each week very much and are sad when we realize that we will not be a small group very much longer... 5 of the 6 couples in our small group will be moving this summer after graduating from grad school to places like Ohio & Chicago and South Alabama... it is a sad, yet very exciting time for all of us as we expand and move out to glorify Christ in new and exciting places. We are hoping to plan another trip to the Farm (like last year) as a farewell weekend. We are also sad to think that we may only have a few more months at Brook Hills and under the wonderful preaching of David Platt - but we are excited to see where God will take us and use us in our new home - wherever that may be.

2012 = year of change... plain and simple.

BOOKWORM - So apparently that is what I am now - I never liked to read very much in highschool or college but there is something about traveling that makes me crave a good book. Lately I have read The Help, Hunger Games series (Love - can't wait until March with the first movie premier), Falling Home by Karen White & I have recently started to read Gone with the Wind. (I have never even seen the movie - Josh's Mom will be excited when I tell her I am done with the book and ready to see the movie!!)

That is about all of the Hewiett Updates for now - stay tuned for more that will hopefully occur sooner than 2 months from now :).