Thursday, April 7, 2011


This weekend we went on a retreat to Hattisburg, MS with our small group. Our friends' Ryan and Laura hosted us out at Laura's Family's farm - we had such a fun and relaxing time. It was so nice to get away for a couple of days, spend time with friends and with each other. We left Friday night after work, drove to Hattisburg and got in around 10 that night. Josh and I brought the walkie-talkies and so the ride down to Mississippi consisted of the most amazing game of American Idol/Finish that Liric I have ever witnessed over the airways. Definitely made the ride go by fast! We woke up the next morning to this view... how beautiful!! The day was filled with lots of fun activities including riding the ATVs (Josh was in absolute heaven), riding THE most awesome 4-wheeling golf cart I have ever seen, skeet shooting, fishing, laying around in hammocks... We decided to get out some throwing knives and tamahawks (spelling?) for some target practice... We then spent a few minutes looking for a "throwing weapon" that made it into the lake... After a wonderful Spaghetti dinner prepare by Katie, we decided to have a bonfire with worship time, a devotional and of course - SMORES!

Our devotion that night was a discussion for God's will in our lives... we are reminded that God's ultimate will is for His glory to be shown and the gospel to be spread. All of the members of our group are on the verge of some major decisions in our lives over the next couple of months to a year and we are all praying for the direction that God wants us to move.

Thank you Laura and Ryan for hosting such a amazing weekend. God has truly blessed us with absolutely amazing friends - we are so thankful for our small group - our family away from family :).


Laura said...

Glad you guys had fun! We loved sharing the farm with you all.

Josh and Rebecca Hewiett said...

Thanks again for having us - such a fun/special place :)

Cindy H said...

What wonderful memories! Glad ya'll had a good time!!

Sarah Staggs said...

This looked like so much fun!! My favorite is definitely skeet shooting. I'm trying to get Lo to buy us an automatic thrower.

David Walzucki said...

Any ideas on what you will call the new blog once you move to Cullman?

I have some ideas!

Josh said...

Well Dave, we haven't come to a final decision yet, but we've had some great ideas from friends and family.