Friday, March 25, 2011


Last weekend Josh and I decided to get away to Atlanta for a couple of days to go shopping, eat out and stay one night in the Buckhead area... we had a lot of fun shopping at Ikea, the Lenox Square Mall (complete with a large Crate and Barrel) and checking out a few new restaurants.

Our friend's Jordan and Jess were so nice to keep Molly for us. She definitely had an exciting weekend (maybe more than us?!?) On Saturday she got to go with them to Railroad Park here in Birmingham (we have never even been there...) and on Sunday morning she went on a long walk on the lakeshore trail... The picture to the right is Molly with Jordan (please excuse the tongue) on Sunday when we picked her up. She felt so much at home, we thought she would not want to leave. Thank you guys so much for keeping her - we really appreciate it!!

Interesting side story while we were in Atlanta... on Saturday night when we got back to our hotel - we heard lots of noise in the room across the hall and later right outside our hallway. After several complaints to the front desk from other people in the hall (as well as us) we decided to be nosy and listen to what was going on - turns out they were filming a reality TV show and using our hotel room door as a back drop!! Link(No comments here on the reality show that they were filming except that if you click on the link, you will understand that not only had Josh and I had never heard of the show but it definitely made for an interesting site when we were looking through the peep hole on our door). Things quieted down eventually but the next day when Josh got the survey from the hotel - he mentioned the incident again. The hotel manager wrote back, assured us that they did not know that the crew was planning on filming, refunded our room charge and charged it to the film crew manager's credit card. Actually worked out quite nicely...

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This Saturday, I was able to help host a shower for Jessica and soon to be here "Baby Girl Whitworth." Jessica and her husband, Ben, are good friends of ours that are originally from Birmingham and moved to Jacksonville right around the time that Josh and I were married. We met them in our newlywed class at FBC. Ben completed the same program that Josh is finishing up right now - Master's of Health Administration at UAB. Apparently their enthusiasm for both Birmingham and the program at UAB rubbed off on us - because now here we living in their home town while they stayed in ours.

I was so excited to be a part of this shower - several of Jess's college buddies threw the shower and asked me to help host and helpt to decorate for the shower. Her wonderful Mom offered to let us have the shower at her house and it was a beautiful (and convenient for Jess) place to have it. I really enjoyed doing this for Jessica. Here are a few pictures from the shower this weekend...

Food Table with all of the yummy brunch goodies

My First attempt at a diaper cake - so much fun decorating it for a little girl :)

Clothes line - getting BGW ready for Florida - personal fav: the pink ruffled swim suit :)

The Living Room with banner - Welcome Baby Girl

Jess with all of her hostesses

Funny side story that Jess shared on Saturday - she and Ben are still deciding on a name and have decided not to share the name until after she is born. One of the names that Ben offered up for consideration - "Sunshine." I think it was Ben's aunt who said - "When did He turn into a hippie?!?!" While Jess did not endorse this name, she explained that Ben was trying to come up with a name that would be "happy."

Jess - Josh and I are so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet BGW. Considering who her parents are - she will surely be a well-loved and "happy" baby. We miss you guys but I am so glad that we got to hang out this weekend!! Much love.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am a list-maker. Plain and simple. I cannot even explain the joy that comes from crossing things off of a list, or even, better - throwing the list away because all of the things on it are DONE!!! (Or sometimes it gets thrown away just to write a new one, as the list was looking sloppy and needed a re-DO.) I just made my grocery list, my To-DO at work list and now I would like to make a list of upcoming events. Some are work travel, but most are very exciting events that will hopefully make great blog posts :).

- March 12: Baby Shower for Jessica (Rebecca decorating - first attempt at making a diaper cake is complete... pictures to follow this weekend)
- March 14-18: Josh's Spring Break
- March 21-23: Work trip to Gainesville (Rebecca - Staging Models)
- March 25-27: Jason & Morgan visiting?!?!
- April 1-3: Small Group Retreat (So excited!!)
- April 4-6: Work trip to Lock Haven, PA (Rebecca - Furniture Presentation)
- April 8-9: ASID Conference in Huntsville, AL (Rebecca, but Josh might come stay...)
- April 22: Secret Church
- April 24: EASTER
- May 6-8: Josh's Graduation Weekend/ Mother's Day (Parents are coming!!)
- May 14: Move to Cullman, AL (Or sometime around then...)
- May 16: Josh starts his residency in Huntsville!!

We have a busy couple of months coming up!! Just the way I like it :).