Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am a list-maker. Plain and simple. I cannot even explain the joy that comes from crossing things off of a list, or even, better - throwing the list away because all of the things on it are DONE!!! (Or sometimes it gets thrown away just to write a new one, as the list was looking sloppy and needed a re-DO.) I just made my grocery list, my To-DO at work list and now I would like to make a list of upcoming events. Some are work travel, but most are very exciting events that will hopefully make great blog posts :).

- March 12: Baby Shower for Jessica (Rebecca decorating - first attempt at making a diaper cake is complete... pictures to follow this weekend)
- March 14-18: Josh's Spring Break
- March 21-23: Work trip to Gainesville (Rebecca - Staging Models)
- March 25-27: Jason & Morgan visiting?!?!
- April 1-3: Small Group Retreat (So excited!!)
- April 4-6: Work trip to Lock Haven, PA (Rebecca - Furniture Presentation)
- April 8-9: ASID Conference in Huntsville, AL (Rebecca, but Josh might come stay...)
- April 22: Secret Church
- April 24: EASTER
- May 6-8: Josh's Graduation Weekend/ Mother's Day (Parents are coming!!)
- May 14: Move to Cullman, AL (Or sometime around then...)
- May 16: Josh starts his residency in Huntsville!!

We have a busy couple of months coming up!! Just the way I like it :).

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Michelle said...

Busy busy busy!!! Hope all is well with you two =)