Friday, February 25, 2011


In keeping with the theme of being slightly behind on my blog posting - I will fill you in on our Valentine's Day. We had work/school that day of course... when I got home, Josh had flowers, a card and a present wrapped and waiting on the counter - very sweet! Before he got home, I made dinner and had it ready so we could eat together at home- very nice and relaxing.

As far as exchanging gifts - over the past couple of years, we have tried to be very practical in our gift giving and stay on a budget. This year, Josh surprised me and got me this beautiful watch that I love - I have been wearing it everyday. I love how it sparkles and makes my wedding rings sparkle too :). Thanks babe - I absolutely love it!

Unfortunately for him, Josh's gift was a little more practical - he needed a nice wool coat and got one on sale with a coupon (that he picked out and purchased himself - since he had to try it on). But, I must say - it looks very nice on him and he will be ready for the Huntsville/ Suit-Wearing in snow internship next winter!


Cindy H said...

Very classy!!

Christine said...

love love love that watch. And your new blog design. Is it new or I am new?

Sarah Staggs said...

LOVE the watch! Logan is a watch-a-holic and would appreciate Josh's gift giving skills! :)