Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This past weekend Josh and I went to visit our friends Emily and Spencer in Austin, TX. We had such a blast catching up with our good friends as well as visiting a new city for us in the great state of Texas. "Keep Austin Weird" is apparently the catch phrase used by many locals to explain the attitude about the city - it is a very eclectic mix of people, food and entertainment that is very fun and different from the rest of the state.

(Side note about the picture seen above - this is Josh and I with the capital building in the background. How is it that we always seem to manage to wear orange and blue?)

The weekend began on Friday as Josh and I caught a 6:00 AM flight out of Birmingham through Dallas and arrived at the Austin airport at about 10:30. Spencer came to pick us up at the airport which was about an hour away from where they are staying in Horseshoe Bay at his parents lake house. We met up with Emily and their friends and headed to lunch at what else but an authentic Texan BBQ joint called the Burnet Feed Store. The BBQ was delicious.

One really cool trend in Austin are these Airstream diners. When we arrived Emily immediately let us know about she had her eye on and wanted to try called "Hey Cupcake." We made plans and visited the Airstream on Saturday just after lunch. Best cupcakes I have ever had - they had all different kinds. I had a carrot cake one, Josh had a chocolate with chocolate icing and sprinkles, Spencer had a vanilla with strawberry icing and Emily had the Michael Jackson - Chocolate with cream cheese icing. (Best name for a cupcake ever!)

On Saturday night Spencer and Emily took us to downtown Austin to see the sights and also eat at a local Brewhouse called BJ's. Josh and I loved BJ's - thepizza was delicious and we both tried a glass of their homemade root beer and it was amazing. I wish we had those in Alabama... After dinner we went on a tour of downtown including the Texas Capital building, UT's campus, the "Bat Bridge" and the motherload of airstream diners.

Airstream Diner Land - Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin

"Bat Bridge" at Sunset

During the day on Saturday and Sunday Spencer was kind enough to take Josh and I out on the lake to make attempts at Water Skiing and Wake Boarding. I am happy to report that one of us did make it up on top of the water without immediately falling down... that is all I will say about that :) I will say that both of us had absolutely no idea what we were doing and are still very sore because of it. Spencer was very patient with us and was a good teacher though.

Attemptee #1

Attemptee #2

On our last night in town Spencer and Emily took us to another BBQ place complete with an outdoor pit that you select your meat from and then they slop it on a tray for you to eat. Sounds crazy but it was probably the some of the best BBQ we have ever had. I think we all let our eyes get a little bigger than our stomachs. So good!

And as I leave you with this lovely image I wanted to let everyone know that I posted the rest of the pics on facebook here. There were just too many to post on the blog. A big THANK YOU to Emily and Spencer. We had an absolute blast staying with you guys. We are so excited for you guys that your family is literally about to double. We love you and we can't wait to meet your wonderful boys.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Things have been so hectic lately that I am just now sitting down to update the blog - I GOT A NEW JOB! Starting next Thursday July 1 I will be working for Capstone Companies here in Birmingham. I will be working as an Interior Designer in the Capstone Interiors group. I am so incredibly excited and thankful for this wonderful opportunity. It is such an answer to prayer! (Thank you to all of you who have kept me in your prayers through this process!) I will be working in the commercial design field again for a company that primarily builds student housing. I will be space planning, selecting finishes and selecting and managing furniture installations all over the country. Check out some of the projects that they have done in the past - here is one in Gainesville, FL (God's Country) and one that I really liked in Arizona.

This Thursday will be my last day at Calico Corners. I am sad to leave all of my friends at Calico - they were so sweet and understanding about me leaving for this new position. They already gave me a card today as it was the last day we would all be there together. I will miss their friendship but will definitely keep in touch.

The timing pretty much worked out perfectly that Josh and I are able to take a long weekend trip this weekend to visit our friends Emily and Spencer in Austin before I start the new job next week and before Emily has their identical twin boys in August (also very exciting!) We are so excited to see them and to be able to relax. We have been really busy this month with working, class, interviewing, etc. Can't wait!!