Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It is finally finished!  This nursery has truly been a labor of love for both Josh and I.  We spent lots of time picking out and thinking of every detail and we are both extremely happy with the results.  We are so excited to bring our little one home to enjoy his own space :).  

Nursery for Baby Boy Hewiett :)
Window Nook with Toy Box & Book Rack - Found at TJ Maxx
Jenny Lind Crib painted GREEN by Josh
PBKids GATOR bedding from Grammy & Papa (Josh's Parents)
PBKids Diaper Bag from Mimi (My Mom)
Well organized closet with Target shelves & Bins - assembled by Josh
Baby Boy certainly has a lot to wear, and I have lots of laundry in my future!
PBKids Curtains, Rocker, Mobiles & Quilt.  Land of Nod Changing Pad.  Art from Etsy.  
Art from Etsy.  Ernie doll from Aunt Lisa.  Nolan Ryan signed baseball.
Florida Gators mini helmet (of course!) and Sperry's to match Josh.
Homegoods dresser, hamper, end table & lamp.
And that is all - we are so excited to bring Baby Boy Hewiett and actually make use of this space.  I already love sitting in here and imagining him sleeping away in the crib.  Josh and I just keep thinking - all of this for someone who will be so small!  Not for long I am sure...  can't wait!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


On Saturday, August 11, our wonderful friends and family hosted two baby showers for Baby Boy Hewiett in Jacksonville.  I finished up my travels for work that week and headed straight to Jax where I met Josh for the weekend.  It was so wonderful to see all of our family and friends and we are so thankful for everything that they did for our baby boy.

Both Grandma's with Baby Boy Hewiett - Mimi & Grammy :)
The first shower was hosted by my college friends Jackie, Paula and Liz.  The shower was at Liz's parents' house and we invited a lot of friends from Jax.  It was so wonderful to see everyone!!

Beautiful Food Table
Eating before playing games
Gifts for Baby Boy Hewiett
Christmas jammies :)
Are you My Mother?  - Can't wait for story time
Baby Boy Hewiett's Blanket with an alligator :)
With Aunt Cat
Shower Hostesses AKA Gator Aunts - Jackie, Paula & Liz
The second shower was later in the afternoon and was hosted by our families.  It was held at Normandy Park Baptist church in one of their fellowship halls.  

Beautiful decorations done by Aunt Mel
Food & Presents for Baby Boy Hewiett

Love this picture: Mimi, Aunt Cat, Mommy, Aunt Mel & Grammy :)
Aunt Pat, Me, Mom & Aunt Lala
Michelle & I with our boys 
Cowboy boots and a Long Horn for the trips to Texas
Getting ready for fishing :)
Hewiett/Allen Men with Baby Boy Hewiett's Name
Dad and Mom - Boy does that sound weird!
Aunt Lisa, Ashli, Me, Grandma Hewiett & Mel
Baby Hewiett with his Great-Grandmothers
Overall it was a wonderful weekend with family and friends and we are so incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful gifts we received.  We were able to come home and finish the nursery last weekend - I will post pictures very soon!

Monday, August 20, 2012


How Far Along: 33 Weeks (Last Friday)

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a pineapple (21 inches long, 4 lbs 11oz as of our sonogram last week)

The Bad: Lower back and hips get sore if I sit or stand in one position for too long.

Maternity Clothes: Lots of them... Nothing non-maternity fits at this point :)

Gender: BOY - getting so excited to meet and see him.

Sleep: Sleep is difficult - get up every 2-3 hours for the bathroom.   

Movement: Moving all the time - especially when I am laying down to try and sleep at night.  He is big enough now that I feel like I can tell what his exact position is - even Josh can feel my stomach and say "Oh his side is right here and I think that is an elbow or leg..."  Pretty neat.  I also sat down to play the piano this week for the first time since I have been pregnant and he was moving a ton - got to get him used to it now!

What I miss: Sleeping on my back!!  When I wake up on my back now... I am in lots of pain.

Cravings: Still no real cravings which is kind of boring I know... sorry no pickles or hot sauce here!

Symptoms: Growing belly, still a little heartburn or random hiccup here or there... from me that is.  I think I may have felt him have hiccups this week too.  

Best Moment this week: Getting to see our little guy in another sonogram at our appointment - he is getting so big that it is harder to see everything at one time.  He and I had a great checkup after all of the travel for work the past couple of weeks and so we were very thankful.  Also - we got to set an inducement date for Sunday evening, September 30th.  If all goes as planned - our baby boy will be born on Monday, October 1.  (That is 6 weeks from today - BTW...)  

Nursery Progress... this weekend we were almost able to finish the nursery!  Josh and I were so excited after unpacking all of the baby gifts from last weekend's showers and getting the rocking chair delivered on Thursday that we stayed up until 2AM Friday night to hang pictures and put away/organize everything.  I still have a couple of things that I need to get this week and I hope to post pictures very soon!  It has become my new favorite room in the house - I love to go in there and sit and dream about bringing him home to be there :).  Cheesy I know... but I am getting very ready and excited!