Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two Valentine's

So last year, Josh and I celebrated our 10th Valentine's Day together... count em... 10!!  I feel old.  We have lots of great, funny, nerdy and even lovely memories together... we have never made a huge deal out of Valentine's Day... except maybe our first one together when we were in highschool and Josh took me on a picnic and made me cupcakes :).  

Here are a couple of flashback pics from Valentine's Day in college: Freshman year... I was at Florida and Josh came down to visit for the Day. (Yes, those are Christmas lights in our Dorm Room... my roommate Tasha and I were awesome, don't be jealous.)

Junior year at Florida... we took swing lessons at RUF... Don't we look like we know what we're doing ??? NOPE.

I certainly wouldn't trade the time I have spent with my first Valentine for anything - I love you, babe.  I am so incredibly proud to be your wife and I am so thankful for the wonderful husband and father you are.

But now... I have another Valentine that shares my heart :).  


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Weight: 15.1 lbs (55th percentile)

Height: 25.8 inches (75th percentile)

Clothes Size: 3-6 month/6 month and even some 9 month

Diaper Size: 2 (Still using pampers swaddlers)

Sleeping Patterns: Sleeping much better this month!  Usually goes to sleep around 7:00-7:30pm and wakes up around 7:00am in the morning.  He typically only wakes up only once in between around 3 or 4 am.  Sometimes, he doesn't wake up at all... but this has only happened a couple of times.

Milestones: "Talking" and laughing a ton - he is really starting to communicate with us.  Rolling over from back to stomach a lot... but not stomach to back yet.  Puts hands together and grasps lots of things - toys, mommy's hair, pacifier, blankets, his feet, etc. He still loves to lay on his playmat and bat and grab at toys.  When he is on a flat surface, he usually rolls up into a ball so that he can grab his feet... then we starts rolling around like a roly poly - hence, we have started calling him Noly Poly.  Cheesy - but, it fits!  We have also started to try to get him to sit up more in his bumbo seat and he is holding his head up really well - he just does not like to be confined and tries to roll out of it... not good, I know.  I think we are in trouble. :)

Favorite Memory this Month:  This month I don't have a particular favorite memory... but more of a collective one... after starting daycare at the beginning of January - I love picking Nolan up and bringing him home to spend time with him before putting him to bed.  Josh and I sit and play with him for about an hour before dinner and then putting him to bed.  It is such a special and sweet time.

Nolan officially started daycare this month and it is going really well!  I am so relieved... it makes it so much easier knowing that he is being well-taken care of and is really liking it there.  He has developed a sort of schedule during the day which I think is helping him sleep better at night.  He seems much more social and loves to look at and talk to the other babies in his class as well as any other adults/kids when we are out in public.

His 4 month check up last week went really well.  Ok - here is where I am going to be "that parent" who brags about what the pediatrician says about their kid.  She said that he was "very advanced" in his ability to move around and hold his head up.  Maybe he will be an early crawler/walker?  :).  She said we are free to start trying some solid foods this month - but I think we are going to wait a few more weeks until he can really sit up well.

Once again, I feel like Nolan is growing and changing so much every month!  It is so hard to believe that he is already 4 months old!  (More like 4.5 since this blog post is a little late... eek!  I need to get better at this.)