Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend I went home to Florida and was a bridesmaid in my friend Jackie's wedding... Jackie Mas is now Jackie Maslan. Relatively easy name transition if you ask me! The weekend was so much fun! I flew in to Jax on Thursday night - hung out with my family and Josh's family a little bit and then after a lunch with some old Haskell friends on Friday, Paula and I headed down to Ormand Beach for the rehearsal. The rehearsal was followed by a dinner hosted by Billy's parents - they both have very big families and the dinner turned out to be almost as big as the wedding! They said that as a whole all of the guests for the wedding took up over 40 rooms at the hotel. Very fun. On Friday night we spent the night with Jackie at her parents house - just the girls. It was so good to catch up and be with Jackie before her big day :)

The morning of the wedding Jackie had some girls come to the house to do our hair and makeup there - we all got ready and then rode in the limo to the church. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and all of Jackie's 7 nieces and nephews made it down the aisle just fine. The reception was at the country club in her parents neighborhood. Liz was my date at dinner as Josh could not make it to the wedding this weekend - we got to catch up which was good! We had such a great time - the dinner and cake were amazing and there was plenty of dancing to be had by all. Check out more of the pictures on facebook.

Congratulations Jackie and Billy - I am so happy for you guys! I hope you have a wonderful time in Costa Rica!
Much love,


Spencer and Emily said...

yay! Rebeccca! It looked like you had so much fun and you looked absolutely beautiful!! I miss you friend! Hope yall are doing well.

Laura said...

Sassy gold shoes, Becca Louise!

Josh said...

You look so beautiful sweetie. I really wish I could have come with you.

Cindy said...

Beautiful Becca!!!!