Sunday, July 8, 2012


How Far Along: 27 Weeks (Friday)

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a head of cauliflower (16 inches long, 2.5 lbs)

The Bad: Nothing really too bad at this point... leg cramps have stopped for now (very glad).  

Maternity Clothes: I am in maternity pants and tops all the time now... don't really have anything non-maternity that fits anymore. I am also loving the maternity dresses - very comfortable!

Gender: BOY - we can't wait to meet him :)

Sleep: Sleep is getting more and more difficult.  Getting up multiple times during the night to use the bathroom and getting some more noticeable pains in my sides and back.  

Movement: Still feeling lots of movement!  I can tell that he does not have nearly as much room as before... his movements are slower but bigger... if that makes sense.  I am beginning to wonder if he is going to have any room left to move at all in a couple of months.  Also - I can really tell when he is unhappy with the way I am laying when asleep - he lets me know.

What I miss: Sleeping... although everyone is telling me that this is just preparation for what is to come.

Cravings: Still no real cravings which is kind of boring I know... sorry no pickles or hot sauce here!

Symptoms: More frequent trips to the bathroom (of course) and the ever growing belly - I can't believe how much he has grown since my last update a month ago.  Josh and a lot of my friends have said the same thing... 

Best Moment this week: Getting to see our little guy in another sonogram at our appointment and starting to work on the nursery.  I think it is really starting to hit us that we will be bringing home our baby boy to live with us in 3 short months!  

Nursery Progress... this week we started (well, Josh started and I watched...) painting the crib (there are lots of layers of paint and airing out in between), hung the light, switched out the outlets/switches in his room, found a toy chest and framed some artwork that I found and purchased off of Etsy.  I am hoping we can finish the crib this week and I can post some progress pics.  We are so thankful and are so excited to prepare for our baby boy.  

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Rachel said...

I just can't wait for your little guy to arrive :-)