Friday, June 29, 2012


And now on to our cruise to Bermuda: On Sunday afternoon, we boarded our ship in New Jersey and left for a seven day cruise to Bermuda.  We had a great time - lots of relaxing, good food, sun and spending time with family.  Our ship (seen below) was The Summit with Celebrity Cruises.  We spent two days at sea, three days in Bermuda and then another day at sea before returning back to the states.

 Our first formal night - before dinner picture 

Bermuda was beautiful!  The water was crystal clear blue the temperature was in the 70's which was a nice relief from all of this hot weather we have been having around here...

The view from our balcony - A fort in the bay in Bermuda

The first day that we got off the ship, we decided to take a tour of the island with my Mom and Aunt Delila.  (We had to do something low key that the preggo was allowed to do... no snorkeling or wind surfing here...)  None of us realized how big and nice Bermuda is... we are much more used to the Bahamas that have good parts and bad parts - Bermuda is all nice.  It is a British territory and you have to be a citizen of Bermuda to buy property or move there... they do not let just anyone in!  They are the third most populated country per capita in the world - it is certainly crowded and they can't let everyone move there that wants to...

We visited lots of scenic beaches on our tour... complete with Pink Sand.  (Although it was not quite as pink as I had imagined...)  The pink sand comes from the coral reefs.

We took a tour of  Crystal Caves that was beautiful - lots of rock formations - not quite the same as the ones I was used to seeing in Tennessee or other places in the US that have a lot more RED dirt that causes the formations to be more colorful.  These were mainly white, but still beautiful.

We went to the Aquarium and Zoo and Josh took this awesome picture of a sea turtle - so pretty.

The next day, Josh went snorkeling with my Aunt Sissy, Uncle Jean-Claude and cousins Christian and Natasha while I went on a glass bottom boat tour with my Mom and Aunt Delila.  We all had a lot of fun and then after meeting back on the ship for lunch, Josh and I headed across the port to take a tour of the fort.  There was a pool in the back where they had dolphins that you could swim with or watch do tricks - picture below.  

View from the Fort Back to the ship

Inside the commissioner's house - in the process of full restoration

Overall the vacation was relaxing and a lot of fun - definitely something that we needed before this busy summer of work travel and getting ready for our baby boy!


Cindy H said...

Love the pics!!!!

Rachel said...

You certainly squeezed in this cruise just in time :-) I think most allow women up to their 24th week of pregnancy. What a fun family time and great pics!