Monday, October 5, 2009


This weekend we brought a new furry family member back from Jax to live with the Birmingham Hewietts: Molly. She has been my mom's dog for the past three years and is now going to be living with Josh and I. My mom and sister found Molly at the Humane Society three years ago - she was so sweet and well-trained. She already knew how to sit and shake. We absolutely love Molly - she is so well behaved and has a great, fun-loving personality.

She rode with us in the car yesterday afte
rnoon for the 8 hour drive from Jax to the Ham... she did great. She seemed a little concerned as this was her longest car ride (with us at least) and we had all of her wordly possessions (food, toys, shampoo, leash, bowls, beach towels - I mean beds, etc) with us. Once we arrived last night she seemed very excited and spent most of the night exploring the apartment before going to bed... she did, however, forget to change her clock to Alabama time and woke us up with a loud bark to go outside at 5:45 AM. We are going to have to work on that!

Here are some pictures of her playing this morning... she really wanted to show everyone her new GATOR toy that my mom bought her for her move to Alabama. Mom knew that Molly would need to let all the other pups know where her true loyalties are. That's all for now... stay tuned for more updates and pictures of Molly.


Jonathan and Sarah said...

How fun! We need to meet in Jax one of these days that ya'll are heading there! :) Miss you guys!

Rachel said...

She is so cute! Nothing like a little extra family to make things feel more like home!

Son and Julie said...

How sweet! We were sad to hear that we missed you guys in Jax this weekend...come back soon!

Spencer and Emily said...

Molly is so cute! And why am I not surprised she has a Gator toy??? hehe glad yall made it back safe! Miss you friend!