Monday, September 17, 2012


How Far Along: 37 Weeks (Last Friday) - Today I am actually 37weeks, 3 days

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a watermelon (19-22 inches long, 6.5 lbs.)

The Bad: Still lots of trips to the bathroom... and some minor back pain starting.  Not too bad though.  I think I have officially begun the preggo waddle... especially by the end of each day....

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes.  Some of my shoes are starting to get a little tight too.  Hopefully that will not last forever.   

Gender: BOY - getting so excited to meet and see him.

Sleep: Sleep is increasingly difficult... no one ever told me that I would be going into this utterly exhausted... I thought that came after...

Movement: Still tons of movement - Josh actually answered that question at the Doctor this week - "O yeah, I see him moving all the time.  He doesn't stop!"  

What I miss: Used to say sleeping on my back... now I just miss sleeping!  I also miss drinking sweet tea whenever I would like.  Although, I had a sip of Josh's Chik Fil A sweet tea last night and almost fell over from sugar shock!  

Cravings: I really miss eating ice cream or drinking regular soda/sweet tea whenever I want to... not sure if that is a craving or just a sugar withdrawal... (I am having to watch my sugar intake.)

Symptoms: Ever growing belly.  My heartburn has actually come back in full force in the past couple of weeks!  Josh calls me the Tums Queen :).

Best Moment this week: The update at the doctor this week is that I am now 3cm dilated.  She confirmed that the induction on October 1 should go very smoothly.  We also had another sonogram as well to check my fluid levels (which turned out to be normal) and they said that he looked pretty comfortable in there despite my dilating... hopefully he will make it to the induction date which will be at 39 weeks, 3 days.

I feel pretty ready for his arrival - we are finishing up all of the last minute preparations that we can think of.  (I mean, how prepared can you really be?!?)  We are definitely very excited and nervous all at the same time - but are trusting in God's will and timing for the birth of our little boy.

Countdown to Baby Boy Hewiett's Birthday: 2 weeks, 3 doctor appointments & 9 days of work (or less) until he is here!!

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