Friday, September 28, 2012


How Far Along: 39 Weeks Today!!

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a watermelon (19-22 inches long, 6 to 9 lbs.)

The Bad: Sooo many trips to the bathroom and some significant back and hip pain now...

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes.  Most of my shoes are tight too - hopefully that will not permanent! 

Gender: BOY - so excited to meet him by Monday!

Sleep: Sleep is hard!  Everyone says that is preparing for all night feedings...

Movement: Still feeling him move all the time!  He is getting ready to come out I think.  

What I miss: Sleep!!  Don't think that is going to improve much very soon :)

Cravings: I really miss eating ice cream or drinking regular soda/sweet tea whenever I want to... not sure if that is a craving or just a sugar withdrawal... (I am having to watch my sugar intake.)

Symptoms: Belly feels stretched to the max!!  Frequent trips to the bathroom... back and hip pain - The preggo waddle is definitely in full swing!!

Best Moment this week: (Besides finishing my last day of work today!)  Having my last Dr. Appt - it was surreal leaving there and knowing that the next time I will be up there will be when I am in the hospital having him.  I am going in to be induced this Monday, October 1 - if he does not decide to come this weekend...

Josh and I are ready to meet our little boy.  We are going to try and relax this weekend and just make a couple of runs to the store, etc to stock up on things.  I can't believe that by Monday evening, we should be holding our little boy!  I feel so blessed :).

Countdown to Baby Boy Hewiett's Birthday: 3 days or less until he is here!!  

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