Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Laughing with Dad

Today I am reminded of my Dad's contagious laughter.  Lately Josh and I have been trying everything we can think of to get Nolan to laugh... he smiles a lot and makes cooing sounds like he is trying to laugh... but nothing yet.  My Dad had the best laugh.  Well, he had different ones really... one for a funny TV show or movie, one when one of his friends or siblings told a funny story, one when he was laughing with us during tickle fights when we were little, one when he was trying not to laugh and me or my sister when we said something clever or sarcastic and even one when he was trying to laugh so hard that we would be embarrassed to death in public :).   I loved my Dad's laugh.  I love that my Dad loved to laugh.  I love and miss my Dad.  Nine years and it still seems like yesterday.

I literally can't wait for Nolan to laugh!  I am excited to share future laughter and memories with him.  I look forward to sharing funny stories with him about my Dad, his Pop.

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