Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This past weekend we had a visit from my Mom and Aunt Lala. We were so excited to have them visit Birming- ham - we did lots of site seeing, went to a Fall Festival that our small group did and of course tasted lots that Birmingham only restaurants have to offer.

Friday when I got off work I hurried home and then was off to pick them up at the airport. We went home first to let them see the apartment, met Josh and immediately headed off to dinner at Dreamland - a Birmingham must. After dinner we toured downtown so that Josh could show my Mom and Aunt Lala his school and UAB Hospital.
On Saturday we did lots of shopping and site seeing in the morning but made sure, of course that we were back in time for the beginning of the Florida - Georgia game to begin. We left later that afternoon to head over to a Fall Festival that our small group was throwing as a Ministry Opportunity in Inner-City Birmingham. We had so much playing games and handing out tons of candy to all of the kids. We were excited for Mom and Aunt Lala to meet some of our small group buddies as well.

On Sunday morning we went to church and then had lunch at Jim N Nick's BBQ - YUM! Josh had to head off to school for a group project and so we went to the Galleria Mall to check out a new Christmas store that just opened... very fun. We finished up the afternoon with Frozen Yogurt from Yogurt Mountain - delicious!

Site seeing at Vulcan Park

Beautiful hills of the Ham :)

Always trying to come up with new pictures with Vulcan

Mom & Aunt Lala working a booth at the Festival

My Favorite Costumes of the Night: Our Small Group Leaders - The Tooth and The Tooth Fairy (Richard and Tara)

Josh helping the kiddies get candy :)
Mom and Aunt Lala - We are so happy that you came and we can't wait until you visit again soon! See you in 3 short weeks at Thanksgiving!! Love you both.

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