Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This picture says it all. Yes, Josh and I are part of THE nerd herd that follows everything that Harry Potter does... both in written word and on the big screen. This is a picture from early college with our friends Laura, Scott and Lauren where we waited in line at Barnes & Noble in the middle of the night for a book release...

For those who didn't know (and then therefore probably don't care) the 7th movie - Part 1 opens tomorrow and we have already bought our tickets with our friends Ryan and Laura to see it in IMAX on Saturday night. WE CAN"T WAIT!!

Also - side note - for those who know me well, you will recall that I don't read... usually... well with all of this work traveling I have been doing I have suddenly become a book worm (when on a plane and in the hotel at least) and among some of the big books (I mean, yes, this really is an accomplishment for me...) that I have read lately is Harry Potter book #5. I still need to read 6 and 7 but my new goal is to read both before Part 2 of the 7th movie comes out next summer... and with all of the traveling I have coming up - I am sure that this will not be a problem.


Laura said...

Yes! LOVE IT! And you know I hate reading just as much as you! I love Scott and Josh holding their scars! I have video from this night too!!

Josh and Rebecca Hewiett said...

O the video camera - I miss those days :(. Life is much more stressful now... haha, yes and I love that they are holding their scars. See you soon?!?!