Tuesday, February 16, 2010


(Weird subject title I know...let me explain) Valentine's day was great. We slept in that morning and Josh woke up and went to get us some lunch/breakfast. He brought me back these beautiful flowers. I love the deep red color - very pretty. (Didn't he do such a great job?!?) Also, I love these occasions where I am ablet o get flowers as I get to enjoy having them around for several days after.

The rest of the day was very relaxing... later that afternoon we went up to church to finish our final new member class and went to the evening service. (Our church has the same service in the morning and at night so that you can choose which one you would like to attend.) It was amazing as usual - this week as we are reading through the bible as a congregation we were in Exodus and were learning about Moses and the passover. (In a way I was wondering if the sermon was going to tie a little bit more into Valentine's... maybe a sermon on love or marriage or God's love?) In a way I guess is was. God loved his people in Exodus so much that he provided a way for them to be saved from the Plaque of killing the first born son throughout Egypt. He told Moses to instruct each Israelite family to kill a spotless lamb and place the blood on the frame of their doors in order to be "passed over." The blood that was used by the sacrificial lambs by the Israelites to save their first born son's was a forshadowing to the New Testament where the blood of Christ is shed for our sins to be the passover of God's judgment on us. I am constantly reminded and in awe of Christ and the awesome sacrifice he made for us. I guess God knew the sermon that we needed to hear on Valentine's Day... the story of his love and ultimate sacrifice for us.

On another note - It is time for a change... sometimes I can become too comfortable with my surroundings and then one day I look around and decide - it's time to update! That time has come with the blog - this is what I have come up with for a new backdrop. Hope you like and I hope everyone is having a good week!

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Son and Julie said...

Hey Becca, I like the new background for your blog...and I think that is neat that your church has the same sermon Sun morning & Sun night. That is probably great for people like my hubby who sometimes have to work on a Sunday - that way they can still make it to church after work.