Saturday, February 13, 2010


Friday was definitely a SNOW DAY here in Birmingham. Well actually, I believe that most of the country had snow - the weather channel said that every state except Hawaii had some amount of snow yesterday - that's right even Florida had some snow in the pan handle. I think we got about 3 inches here in the Ham. It did not actually start snowing until about 10:30 or so. I was already at work and Josh was downtown at school working on a project. When it started snowing while I was at work I definitely ran outside in the parking lot - like the Florida native that I am - and stuck my tongue out to catch snowflakes on it. It was awesome. Most of the area schools were either already closed yesterday or decided to close at noon once the snow started. Everyone here always freaks out at the first little snow flurry as our city does not have any of the heavy machinery to clear the roads of snow and ice. Luckily most of the snow melted off the asphalt and so there was not too many traffic problems.

By the end of the day though... most everything was covered in white - as you can see from the pictures. I got home a little after 5:00 and that is when we took most of these. It was absolutely beautiful. We did not get to enjoy it for too long though - Josh and I have had colds for the past couple of days and did not really even feel like going out to enjoy it - but we figured that everyone would like to see them :) By this morning most of the snow was melted and gone.

Molly really enjoyed the snow. The last time we got snow in the fall there was not very much that stuck to the grass. This time it was piled high and she kept getting very excited and running into the grass and then kicking it all around. It was funny. The hard part of course was when it was time to come inside and she had big snow clumps stuck to the back of her legs in her fur.

Hope you all enjoyed them! Josh and I are gearing up for some of our trips that we are supposed to take soon where I am sure that we will see much more snow. I am supposed to go to Pennsylvania for training with work in a couple of weeks and Josh is planning to go to a Healthcare conference in Chicago in March.


Christine said...

Don't you love working in retail, when they won't let you go home early like everyone else ?!? Oh well, I love that you ran outside.
See you tomorrow friend!

marissa moss said...

so pretty!

Angela said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! I wish we'd gotten snow here, but like you's Florida, so no such luck.