Monday, February 1, 2010


As you will remember from my post last week... our Pastor from Brook Hills here in The Ham, Dr. David Platt, came to speak at the Pastor's Conference this weekend at FBC in Jax. He spoke on Sunday night and gave a message on Missions and everyone said that is was great. I am so glad that our family and friends back home got to hear him. Here is a picture that my Mother-In-Law sent me. They went up to meet him! How funny is that! In the picture is my mom on the left, my mother-in-law in the middle and then Dr. Platt on the right. They told him all about Josh and I which is even more funny as I am sure that he has no idea who we are - but he was very nice about it. I am glad they got to meet him. We are truly blessed to be under his preaching every week. I knew that when God moved us to ALABAMA He was planning something very special for us - we thought that the only reason was for Josh to go to UAB for a Master's in Health Administration. Now we understand that we are under the preaching of David Platt to grow and learn and serve at Brook Hills. We are so excited to see how God is going to use us in the months to come.

Right now at church Josh and I are completing our new member's class called IMPACT. It is a 4 - week course that Brook Hills does to orientate new members with the beliefs of the church and all of the areas to serve. It has been wonderful so far - we are half way through it now.

We are still both members of a young married couples small group that meets on Tuesday nights. We love it. We are studying through the bible this year as a congregation and David preaches on what we read each Sunday. In this group we go over the preaching again to reiterate it. It is great that we are all in it together. Pray for us as Josh is supposed to teach the meeting in a couple of weeks on the 16th. We have met so many couples that we can relate to directly. I think we counted in our group last week that there are 8 couples in our group and in 5 of the couples, the wife is working while the husband is in graduate school of some sort - How crazy is that?!?! It is actually not crazy at all as obviously God brought us all together.

I am also still in a women's small group that meets on Monday nights. It is so wonderful to be with Godly women and to come together to share life and study together. We are actually completing a study in Romans right now that uses a different "study tool" each week to analyze, break down and study the chapter. It is great - definitely makes Romans a lot more manageable. As we go through our study we are actually writing a curriculum for a Mentor/Mentee relationship for someone to work with a new Christian and walk them through how to read and study the bible. I will let you know when we are done with it all. Christine leads the group and she is wonderful at keeping us motivated and pulling the study altogether each week.

That is the update of how everything is going at Brook Hills. We love it!

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Christine said...

It's funny to see Platt in a suit!!
I had fun splitting dinner with you last night! It was good. Thanks for the blog shout out too :)
Love you friend