Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I am a little late in writing about this but... last weekend Winnie and Alan came to visit! We had such a great time and it was so nice to see them! Although it rained most of the time that they were here, we did our best to show them the sites of Birmingham and of course take them to all of the best places to eat :) (I think that I have decided that eating is really my favorite part of this city... and the hills... I like those too.) Here are some pictures that we took when we went out to the infamous Dreamland BBQ for dinner on Saturday night. We were testing out Winnie's fabulous new camera that she got for Christmas... very nice. (The picture of Molly is in here just for kicks because I think it is cute and it was also taken with Winnie's Camera - in fact I liked the picture so much that I was inspired to add her in our profile description and the same picture on the side bar so that everyone can enjoy it all the time.)

Our other friend Emily also came into town that weekend to stay with Alison (her friend from Baylor) and so we all got to have dinner together on Friday night. You will remember Alison from my post about Christmas since she was the lucky girl who got to make the drive to Texas with us. It was so good to see all of them!

Just a tip - Alan, Winnie and Emily decided to come to the Ham after they found awesome deals on Southwest... everyone should be on the lookout for those as I think their round trip ticket was under $60 each which is great - you can't drive for that. We would love to have many more visitors due to incredible plane ticket deals (and of course because you all miss us very much and want to visit ASAP - hint hint.)


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun! I should be in Montgomery in August.... hopefully we will get to catch up!

alison said...

Your blog is SO cute! And I love your post about our Christmas eve we'll never forget! :) We need to catch up soon!