Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting - things have been quite busy at the Hewiett house... Thanksgiving was great - we got to go home to Florida and spend it with both of our families. We are counting down the days until Christmas - which means another break from work and school and lots more time with family & friends!!

We have been busy shopping, decorating for Christmas, wrapping presents,etc. The Christmas parties officially begin this week with my work party this Thursday night!! (Will update later...)

This past weekend we started our Christmas celebration off to a very fun start by attending a Dave Barnes Christmas concert. He is absolutely hilarious - check out this video of him dancing as Santa Clause - his friend was headed to his house in order to film his annual Christmas Extravaganza video and walked up to him dancing in his living room.

On Sunday evening I joined a friend from work to go meet Kirk Cameron and hear him speak at a Boy's Ranch here in Birmingham. He was a great speaker - he of course did a few impressions to feed the "Seaver Fever" and then immediately began to share his testimony - I was so excited to hear such a clear and genuine presentation of the gospel.

He asked that his body guard be in all of his pictures so that there could be no appearance of scandel with him being alone with any women - very respectable!! The only thing I was upset about was that I completely did not even think to bring my FIREPROOF movie for him to sign - that would have been awesome - o well.

That about sums up our weekend - we have a very busy few weeks ahead of us - here are our upcoming Christmas activities:

December 9 - Rebecca's Work Christmas Party (Josh comes too!)

December 12 - Holiday House Tour with my friend from work

December 13 - Work Christmas Potluck

December 14 - Small Group Christmas Party

December 21 - Viewing of "Elf" at the Alabama Theatre with our Small Group

December 23 - Leave for Jax after work!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!


Laura said...

Christmas, come soon! See you tonight.

Cindy H said...

Where is the Christmas tree pics??