Thursday, December 16, 2010


Like everyone else in the country, we have been having some horrid weather the last few days - well mainly frigid. I think there were 5 days in a row where it did not get above 30 degrees here in Birmingham - awful... I am not used to this.

So yesterday we got somewhat of a different forecast - it will warm up a bit and we will get some rain for the next few days. They said "Wednesday morning it will begin to rain and eventually raise to above freezing by the end of the day...." My first thought was "Sweet, that means it might SNOW!!" I love the snow here and inevitably it snow might mean a "SNOW DAY" or at least a short work day and then snow afternoon? Boy was I wrong... instead it meant sleet and lots of ice on the roads!! Scary stuff!

Side note/Lesson to Floridians on what sleet is (because I thought I knew too and then I actually experienced it): Sleet is when the rain freezes right before it hits the ground. I knew this... but i thought that meant that it would look like snow and rain mixed together - NO!! It looks, feels and sounds like very small hail. I experienced this first hand on my drive into work yesterday - I am sure that I looked ridiculous as I was freaking out, trying to figure out what was hitting my car!!

Another thing that happens when it "rains" and is 32 degrees outside is seen in the picture below:

4" Icicles were hanging from the Pathfinder when I left work yesterday evening. Crazy stuff!! Just thought I would fill everyone in (mainly the Floridians) on the weather here in the Ham. I have to say - I am looking forward to spending Christmas in Jacksonville where it will hopefully be warmer this year :)

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