Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have the sweetest husband :). I came home from my work trip this past Wednesday night (on our annviersary) and this is what I saw - Pretty tulips (my fav), a card and a delicious cake from Edgar's bakery. Josh went through the trouble of taking a picture of our wedding cake to the baker here in town so that they could try to imitate the top of the cake complete with red ribbon (which he brought to them) and black icing dots around the edge. He even remembered the flavor that was on the top of the cake - chocolate with raspberry filling: it was delicious!!

Joshie - thank you for going through the trouble of re-creating our cake. It means so much to me when you are so thoughtful :). Happy 3 years!!


Cindy H said...

How sweet!!!

Christine said...

Oh goodness, so cute. That cake looks amazing!

Sarah Staggs said...

Good job Josh!

Liz B. said...

Josh wins "Hubby of the Week" award for this this idea!