Sunday, October 10, 2010


Last week -end we went to the Florida- Ala- bama game in Tusca- loosa. (About an hour and fifteen minutes away...) We were able to get tickets from Josh's former co-worker from Wachovia - they were great seats! Although the gators lost the game by a landslide, I am still so glad that we had the opportunity to go to the game... when we found out we were moving here (after the 2008 Gators National Championship season where we beat Alabama in the SEC championship) I looked up the Florida Football away schedule for 2010 and saw that we would be playing this game in T-town and I am so happy that we actually got to go. (Even if the tables have turned a little...) Although this football season is turning out to be painful to watch for gator fans everywhere, I still love the thrill - after all, isn't that what makes it interesting, not knowing whether or not you are going to win?!?! One thing that did make this loss to Alabama a little better was the fact that Alabama lost this past weekend to South Carolina who just happens to be coached by none other than Steve Spurrier who is actually and most importantly originally a GATOR. Here are some more pics from the game....

I like to call myself a REAL fan - none of this fair-weather stuff. After our embarrassing loss last weekend, I proudly wore bright orange gator T-shirt to publix this weekend, by myself, in the middle of Alabama - I am and always will be a GATOR fan!!

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