Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today is Josh's 25th birthday!! For two whole days he will be a whole year older than me. 25 is good... you are able to rent a car without an underage penalty and get a big break on your car insurance...very nice.

Here is another picture down memory lane from one of our many birthdays together - this year will be our 7th birthday together. Crazy to think about actually.

I love you Joshie and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Josh! And to you to Rebecca :)

Angela said...

Happy birthday Josh! And in case I forget to tell you on Tuesday, happy birthday Rebecca!

P.s. the word verification I had to type was "hedalise." I thought it said "head lice" at first. Haha...eww.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Josh and to you too Rebecca! It is fun sharing a birthday so close isn't it?