Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our birthdays were great. We went out to dinner and ate cake, what more could we have asked for?!?! Thank you to everyone who called, wrote messages and sent cards, we felt very loved by our friends and family.

We used some of the money that we got as gifts for our birthdays to get a much n
eeded new desk chair. We love it! It just came in this week so I wanted to post before and after pictures so that everyone can see. (Thank you!!) As you can see... the old chair was literally in pieces and did not provide much back support to Josh as he spends long hours studying. The new chair provides much more back support and even has arm rests. Not to mention it has chrome accents that brought inspiration for the new chrome hardware on the desk. We also got a new lamp for the desk that just happens to be the perfect shade of Gator Orange that now sits nicely next to the Albert the Alligator business card holder.


We had great birthdays and are very excited about our little mini office renovation. Thanks everyone!


Son and Julie said...

What was wrong with the "before" chair? Isnt' the back rest supposed to be laying on the floor?? Haha.

Rachel said...

That is one hurtin' chair! Holy smokes it's a wonder something catastrophic didn't happen in that chair!

Love the new lamp, accessories, and chair! So wonderful!

Melissa said...

Love it!!!