Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I start my new job today!! I am going to be working for Calico Corners or now as it is called Calico Home. Here is the website is you would like to check it out This is such an answer to prayer. I will be working 30-35 hours a week. I will be a sales associate helping people select fabrics for custom draperies, upholstery and furniture. Although this is not exactly what I thought I would be doing when I moved to the Ham... it is a great job with great hours and it gets me out of this apartment: a huge plus!

I do recall one of the first times that Winnie and Jessica mentioned needing some advice on home decorating and design and I promptly announced to them, "I don't do draperies." This was my sarcastic way of trying to explain that I was working in commercial interior design (at the time) and I usually did not get the chance to do the decorating portion that would include such details as draperies. Now, as I have learned the hard way one too many times... when it comes to being an interior designer, NEVER SAY NEVER!!

Overall I am very excited about this new position. The manager and staff at the store are very nice and helpful. The hours for retail are great - Monday thru Saturday 10-6 and closed on Sundays. I really can't ask for more. As many of you know, these really are my kind of hours. I am definitely not a morning person and usually don't really like to carry on conversations until after about 9:00 or 9:30 anyway - this will be perfect!


Son and Julie said...

Congrats! That is an awesome schedule - all companies should go to a 10-6 schedule :)

Rachel said...

Yay! How exciting:-) I remember when you were telling Winnie and Jess that you don't do draperies. I love shopping at Calicos because they have a great selection. You will be drapery queen in no time!