Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Our Labor Day was very relaxing... complete with two trips to Chik Fil A and one long hike at Oak Mountain. We absolutely love Chilk Fil A so when they offer something like a free chicken sandwich deal for just wearing your favorite team logo, we definitely have to take advantage. I thought we might be the only Florida fans represented here in BAMA, but to my surprise, we were not. We saw at least one other Florida fan at each of our Chik Fil A visits. Very nice.

Our trip out to Oak Mountain was great. We went with our friends Mike and Jacquie and their dog Ally. Oak Mountain State Park is absolutely beautiful with lots of hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, horse-back riding, golfing, etc. We decided on our first of I am sure many visits to the park that we would go hiking. We drove up to one of the highest peaks in the park and climbed, I mean hiked, down to a nice waterfall. It was absolutely beautiful. However, I have to admit that I had no idea how truly steep this trail would be... I felt like I needed to be tied off in case my foot slipped or something. There were definitely a couple of moments where Josh and I had mini panic attacks about falling... but we survived.

This is a look down into the valley that we climbed into...
Overall it felt great to get out and hike at Oak Mountain... we are excited about going back and exploring more of the park... and don't worry friends and family who are thinking about visiting here in the Ham, Oak Mountain has several trails that are not quite as steep as the one we decided to venture on first.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! Now back to the work week...

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Spencer and Emily said...

yea! that looks like yall had so much fun!! Oak Mountain is so beautiful! We went to chic-fil-a too on Monday! NO worries, there were plenty of obnoxious Florida fans! hehe