Thursday, April 10, 2014

13/52 :: BIG BROTHER

That's right!  Nolan is going to be a Big Brother this year - his baby brother/sister is due October 18th.  They will be almost exactly 2 years apart.  We are beyond excited and thankful for this new addition to our family.

Nolan was sporting his BIG BROTHER shirt when we face timed Mimi & Grammy/Papa to tell them the news a few weeks ago.

Nolan doesn't quite understand all of the changes that are in store quite yet... but he is definitely starting to notice that there is something different going on with Mommy's tummy.  We are all excited to meet this new precious little one very soon!


sarah harper said...

I can't even handle this photo. He is the CUUUUUUTEST! Very happy for the Hewietts. :) Hope you're feeling well!

Sarah Staggs said...

Ah! Can't believe I missed this cute pic! Nolan is going to be a great big brother. Can't wait to find out what you're having!!