Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Update on Nolan :: 15 Months


Weight: 23 lbs, 8 oz - 30th % (Measured at Dr. Appt. 1/10/13)

Height: 33" - 92nd % (Measured at Dr. Appt. 1/10/13)

Clothes Size: 18 month (Some 24 month)

Diaper Size: 4 (Huggies Snug & Dry)

Sleeping Patterns: Nolan is sleeping through the night (8:00PM - 8:00AM) consistently now.  He is sleeping longer at night and has dropped his morning nap altogether.  He still takes an afternoon nap for about 2 hours.

Milestones: Teething: We now have 14 teeth.  His one year molars came in along with a couple of others - he definitely has a month full.  Nolan is walking  running EVERYWHERE.  I can't even remember what it was like before she starting walking.  Eating and feeding himself is still going well... He eats pretty much anything we put in front of him.  His favorite food right now is blueberries and his least favorite is green beans.  Nolan still babbles a ton and will occasionally repeat a word or phrase he heres us say, but then of course will not say it again on command.  The four words he can say regularly are "Momma, Dada, Uh-oh and Papa".  Nolan is still finding more and more things to get into... his new accomplishment in the last couple of weeks is opening drawers which opens a whole new world of things he can rearrange and stroll around the house with... (Utensils, towels, chap stick, flash lights, Daddy's glasses, Mommy's hair dryer - You name it, if it is in a drawer, it is no longer safe!)  Nolan loves playing with cars and makes a sound that Mommy likes to think sounds like "Vroom Vroom" when pushing them along the floor or sofa.  Nolan's new best play mate is definitely Molly.  They love each other and it is adorable to watch them get each other excited.  Nolan loves to chase after Molly and squeals so loudly when Molly tickles him with her nose or tail.  Nolan really likes to help Mommy with chores around the house, he continues to help load and unload the washer & dryer, now wants to help with unloading the dishwasher and will also put his toys away in the toy bins - he even knows that certain ones go in a different bin.  (I am hoping to continue to develop this interest in helping around the house and take full advantage of it ;).

Favorite Memory this Month:  Well really over the last 3 months... Nolan has really started to remember and interact with all of his grandparents a lot more.  Nolan has always been a friendly baby, but it is so sweet to see him drop everything to run to Mimi or Grammy when he sees them.  Josh's Dad (Papa) and Nolan have always had a sweet bond and even a noise they make when they see each other in person or on face time with their hand over their mouths but at Christmas time, Nolan started actually saying "Papa".  Very sweet.

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