Friday, January 3, 2014

Photo Each Week Project :: Week 1

Happy New Year everyone!  I have been on a blog hiatus for quite sometime, and in an effort to bring it back (and after some demanding  suggesting from my sweet friend Sarah at I have decided to take up the challenge of posting at least one photo a week.  A couple of things… 1. I am hoping this will turn into some inspiration to post more than just one photo a week… and 2. Let's be honest, most of these photos are probably going to be of Nolan, but I am hoping to diversify it somewhat.

Which brings me to this photo for my first week of posting… It is a throwback to November when we went to Dallas for Thanksgiving and visited the Dallas Cowboys Stadium (Really neat tour, definitely worth the trip!).  Nolan was wearing his cowboy boots in true Texas fashion and had a blast collecting leaves while we were waiting to get in.  Enjoy! 


Kylene said...

Good for Sarah for bugging you! We want more pics of Nolan! ;)

Sarah Staggs said...

This Sarah girl sounds like a smart friend! ;) So glad you're joining along! Who doesn't want to see more pics of Nolan?? Love you, dear friend.