Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Fall is FINALLY here. Enough said. Also - (and I know I am slightly behind the times - I blame this summer) I have discovered PINTEREST. It is amazing. Below I have for you some FALL inspiration for home decoration I have gathered on pinterest. Enjoy.

If you are not on pinterest - get on it!! It could change your life. Also - it is supposed to get back up to 85 degrees here tomorrow. Boo. However, we must press on - fall is here and hopefully will show its face again soon.


Jennifer said...

These are really cute ideas! I love the stenciled pumpkin. Isn't pinterest so great? hehe. Love it.

Spencer and Emily said...

I am addicted to pinterest! I love your ideas you found! :)

Anonymous said...

Do I get to take credit for your addiction to pinterest? lol So glad you're enjoying it as much as me!