Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So last night Josh got a 6 week early birthday present... the new Iphone 4. (He got the black one but I really like the white one too so I decided to show you both.) He is beyond excited. His old phone was so slow and almost died every night before he could get it back to the charger - ridiculous. It was time for a new one. Here are some of my favorite quotes from him last night...

Right after we got the phone and we were walking out of the store... Josh - "Look at this picture (quality)." Becca - "I know..." Josh - "No you don't, you have never seen anything THIS good!"

When we trying to make a U-turn to go back to firehouse subs for dinner Josh was getting stressed at the traffic and said, "I don't like my Iphone seeing me frustrated like this."

Later after dinner as we are walking to the car..."I've got my wife in one hand and my Iphone in the other... life is good."

O babe you are so funny. I am so glad you like your early birthday present. Love you.


Michelle said...

Men and their electronics! haha

Soooo glad we got to visit with you guys :)

Spencer and Emily said...

hahahahahaha I love Josh's comments! :) Too funny!! Oh, and I loved how you posted both colors...hehe! I like the white one better, too!

Rachel said...

Oh my that was sooo funny!

At least you know he likes it :-)