Sunday, August 8, 2010


So I am a little behind on my blog postings... the past couple of weeks have been quite busy. Last weekend Josh's parents and grandparents came to visit us here in Birmingham and then this past week I traveled to Baton Rouge for work. (I plan to do a later post about the very eventful work trip....) The picture you see here is 3 generations of Hewiett men.

We had a lot of fun with Josh's family. They arrived on Friday night and where we promptly proceeded to the nearest Jim N' Nicks BBQ for dinner - DELICIOUS. There is just nothing like those cheese biscuits. On Saturday morning we got up and made the trek to Edgar's Bakery for breakfast - very Yummy! We then proceeded to split up into two cars and while the boys headed out to the Bass Pro Shops (which turned out to be a 3 hour tour... literally!) us girls made the rounds to the Vera Bradley store, Charming Charlie's, Calico Corners (to meet my old peeps!) and a few of the ritzy neighborhoods in the Ham.

The line-up outside Edgars

Later that day I took the fam on tour of my office :) Everyone liked it. Guess that means I'm official now?

On Saturday night we had an interesting occurance... our apartment complex gave notice that the city had to turn off our water in order to change the water main for our complex. We prepared for the worst... 6 people in one small apartment with potentially no running water for 12 hours... it turned out fine and it seems that the water was only off from about midnight to 4:00 AM and so most of us slept through it.

On Sunday morning we all got ready and headed off to church at Brook Hills. We were so exited to show Josh's family our wonderful church. They were glad to see everything and hear David Platt preach in person.

The Hewiett ladies ready for church

On Sunday afternoon Josh and I made a very exciting purchase - a new dining room table and chairs! For anyone who has ever been to our place and had the pleasure of eating a meal at our small table, you will appreciate the new one. We found it on clearance at Z Gallerie and once they threw in a designer discount for yours truly we decided to buy it. Since the table was fully assembled and rather large... Josh and his Dad had to rent a truck from Home Depot to get it home... but home it is and it is lovely. (Will post pictures at a later date... we are toying with the idea of a dining room mini-maker over now that we have a new table and it will need a post of its own.)

Molly of course had an absolute blast this weekend... she got to spend lots of quality time with her Keith.... we then had to deal with her deep depression that ensued after he left on Monday morning. Thank you to all of you for coming! We love you all :)


Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! I know what you mean with the doggie depression...Cody gets it BAD! Austin and I still want to take a trip to see you guys. Hopefully we can figure out a time! :)

Josh and Rebecca Hewiett said...

Yes please do! We would love to have you guys anytime! We miss you guys.

Cindy H said...

We had such a good time. Ya'll are quite the host & hostess!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear what a great visit you all had. Sounds like lots of yummy food and fellowship! I enjoy catching up with you via your blog :)

Sherry Hansen said...

Oops! That last message was from anonymous was me.

Sarah Staggs said...

OMG we love Jim n Nicks! We just ate there last week. And as I was eating the biscuits I said, "these are just the best things ever!" lol I'm also glad to hear you guys found a dining room table. We are also in search of one! I have lots of decorating to do! Good thing I have a job now! :)