Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Josh and I have been on the lookout lately for some reasonably priced accessories that would spruce up the apartment a bit. Here are some of the nice finds we have made... Accessories #1 are the beauties that you see to the left. These floor vases were half-price at one of our favorite Birmingham shops - IO Metro. I really like the large scale of these vases and how they seem to fill the space in the dead corner next to our TV stand. Very nice. We filled them with some decorative grass from Pier 1 - very inexpensive as well.

New accessory #2 are the new throw pillows that you see below. Funny thing is that you would think that since I work in a fabric store, I would be able to find fa
bric there that I could use and take advantage of my awesome employee discount - what can I say?!? I guess I am just too picky - not for lack of trying though... I can assure you. We also found these at IO Metro. I love the colors in them - with the red wall behind I thought it would be nice to find a pattern that picked up the red but had some other colors to tie in as well - hence the brown and aqua. (Another big plus to these wonderful pillows is that they were already made... into pillows. No sewing for me!) Very nice.
Accessory #3 that we have acquired as of late are 2 new bar stools for the counter. We found these great looking additions to our apartment at TJ Maxx. I never would have thought to look there for furniture but leave to my deal seeking husband to find the exact same stools as the ones at a boutique here in the Ham that we love for a 1/3 of the price at TJ Maxx. He's good. We have been looking for stools since we moved in last August. We can now officially seat 6 for a meal!

I love it how a few new additions can really spruce up the place and make it seem new and interesting. Hope everyone is having a good week!


jb said...

LOVE everything, the pillows esp! You have awesome taste :)

Spencer and Emily said...

I LOVE the new additions!! So cute!!! :)

Christine said...

So cute! And I love TJ's for furniture too.

alison said...

You really do have good taste! Can you come decorate my room? :)