Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Birmingham really does have great shopping... I was a little nervous moving here when I realized that they did not even have a WestElm... however, what I have found so far seems to be even better. My favorite store is in an area of town called Homewood and is called At Home Furnishings. I love it. I also love a certain round leather ottoman that they currently have on their floor... if I only had a job. (In due time!!) They seem to have a great story for their store - they travel a lot and have a very eclectic sort of collection of furniture and accessories. (But the good kind of eclectic, know what I mean?) Girls - could this be a good business model for our future boutique?!?! I am excited. Everyone should come to Birmingham just so that they can see this store.

IO Metro is another very cool store here that we have here in the Ham that cannot be found back in Florida... although it is not one of a kind, it is definitely a different kind of store. (Be careful, their website is accompanied by some crazy techno music.) It is great. It reminds me of a Z Gallerie or maybe close to a West Elm but a little more affordable? They have some great dining room tables and tons of unique light fixtures. Check it out!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!! Josh and I are very excited... we are trying out a new small group at the church we have been visiting tonight. More details to come soon.

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