Thursday, January 31, 2013


This month has been a whirlwind... Nolan started daycare and I am back to the wonderful, busy, crazy world that is my job as an interior designer.  This year I have a whole new set of projects that are once again spread all over the country... Fort Collins, CO, Tampa, FL, Carbondale, IL and Boone, NC. 

This week I am getting ready for a presentation for a clubhouse that I am working on at our property in Boone. It will service students who attend Appalachian State University. I have done a couple of idea boards for the furniture and accessories in the clubhouse - what do you think?  I have to present them tomorrow so we will see what the powers the be think.

One thing that I love about my job is working at colleges all of the US.  It is fun to dive into their culture and learn about their traditions.  These clubhouses are no small undertaking... you may recall the one that I helped install at LSU in Baton Rouge a couple of years ago.  There is lots of art, furniture, accessories, wall fillers and the like that all have to be selected, purchased and installed by yours truly.  This will be the first clubhouse that I will be solely responsible for... somehow up until this point I have managed to avoid them primarily worked on residence halls on campus that are not as heavily decorated.  I am sure it will be fine... I am just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.  We will see how it turns out...  Stay tuned.


Tiffiany Shaw said...

How exciting! Boards look great! Hope the presentation goes well!

sarah harper said...

Welcome to the clubhouse club -- you are a natural, and it will look great!