Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello everyone. This time, my blog posting really has gotten out of hand!! I can't believe it is already September. Where has the summer gone?!?! The Hewiett household has definitely been busy with work and travel. Josh was kind enough to catch everyone up on our trip to Chattanooga (which I loved) and so now I will attempt to (begin to) catch you up on the rest of our travels - for both work and play!

First up is my recent trip to Raleigh, NC to begin a project that my company is working on there. It is located near NC State and will be - you guessed it - another student residence hall. The trip I took to the jobsite a couple of weeks ago was to open the leasing office complete with a full mock-up model unit inside. It is always so rewarding to see the fruits of hard work/design efforts in person... this is what I try to remind myself everytime I have to book another plane ticket with Delta...

I was especially excited to see this leasing office since I got to be a part of the design as a whole - completing space planning, selecting finishes, working with the graphic designer, purchasing furniture, selecting lighting and watching it come together.

Something new that I got to try was actually the ceiling color - typically in these "warehouse" type spaces, the ceilings are always painted black. I convinced the team to paint the ceiling white in order to bounce more light around the space - I really like the way it turned out. It may be something that you would not notice - but that is, I think the beauty of it :).

Also interesting note - this is the first time that I have used a "wood-look" sheet vinyl. Typically on other projects we have used an engineered wood and/or vinyl plank that looks like wood. I was afraid that this flooring would look too fake or cheap - but it looks great. We have even convinced the team to use it inside the apartment units in the place of cheap beige carpet - very exciting!!

Sitting area in the leasing office... love this end table & coffee table from World Market :)

Bedroom in the mock-up unit. Bedding is from Target - love. These windows are actually fake - there is simply drywall behind them. I was so thankful that they decided to put them in the model to show potential tenants how large they will be. Makes such a difference in the space.

And finally the living room in the model unit. That is all for now!! I will be traveling to Raleigh quite a bit next summer to finish this project up - it will be a big highrise with 1,000 beds. I am tired already, just thinking about.

Stay tuned for more posts including our trip to Texas for Grandpa's birthday, our trips to Jax, more work traveling (for me) with project updates and some new-found (or re-visited) hobbies of mine.

In the mean time, we are off this weekend with our friends Ryan & Laura to Gainesville for the UAB game. I am sticking around Gville next week to finish up my project there as well.