Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Again, I am severely behind on my posting... but I wanted to fill you in on Josh's new internship (well, it is paid, so I like to say "Josh's new job" :). Josh started his adminstrative residency last month at Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, AL. (See picture to the left... his first day on May 16 with his new suit and bag he got for graduation.) During this residency he will complete several rotations through different departments of the hospital, work on special projects for the executive leadership, sit in on senior team meetings and observe lots of surgeries. I am sure that there are lots more things that he will be doing for the next year... but since he refuses to make this a joint blog, you get to hear the description from yours truly.

Huntsville Hospital is one of the largest locally owned non-profit hospitals in the country. It has 881 beds and 6,200 employees. (Comparison - about the size of UAB and about 300 beds larger than Shands Jacksonville.) They are a Trama 1 Center which serves all of Northern Alabama and the southern Tennessee Valley. They provide all medical procedures and services (except organ transplants). Translation = Josh will be exposed to a lot since Huntsville Hospital is so large and provides so many medical servies. Another side note... their facilities are so large that they have a TRAM (like a DISNEY WORLD TRAM) that patients and families can ride to get from one building to another... it looks AMAZING... I can't wait to ride it :).

Josh has an office in the EXECUTIVE SUITE. He sits right in-between the CEO, COO and CFO of the hospital. He gets to interact with the executive team daily and is directly exposed to their daily duties, meetings and projects. His office is extremely nice with his own sitting area and everything - FAN-CY!! I will try to get him to let me post pictures eventually... once we get the office in proper "working order." Of course, since his wife is an interior designer... his office needs that special husband-of-a-designer touch. I will leave it up to your imagination as to who in this family is more concerned with a well-designed office.... :)

We are so incredibly thankful for this opportunity that Josh has to soak up as much information as he can before he has to go get his "real" job after this next year. He is really hoping to get a broad range of exposure to all of the business and development sides of the hospital in order to determine what he may be most interested in pursuing after his internship. This is going to be an exciting year in the Hewiett House. Can't wait to see how God will use Josh in this position where God will take our family in the future!

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Sarah Staggs said...

WoW! Josh's job sounds so exciting AND he's getting a pay check! woohooo! I know he is loving life right now! Tell him I'd like to come work at his hospital one day, I'm sure he's a great administrater! I'm also loving the suit and the bag, pretty spiffy! Go Josh!