Friday, May 27, 2011


In keeping with the theme of being extremely behind on my blog postings... here are some pics from Brook Hills' Family Gathering from 2 weeks ago. All of the families from our church got together 2 wednesday nights ago to tailgate and hang out with their families and small groups. It was such a fun and relaxing time. One fun thing that the church leaders planned was a "Chalk by Numbers" picture that everyone helped to color in the parking lot. It turned out really well (so we think...) they haven't posted the group picture that we took from the roof of the church with the completed "Chalk by Numbers" picture yet... I will update when they do.

It was sort of a bittersweet time for Josh and I... it was the last event we did with our small group before moving to Cullman. We are still trying to go and participate as much as we can - we are driving into Birmingham for the service on Sunday and going as much as possible to small group during the week - but with a 55 mile distance now between us and our church, we are certainly not as close as we have been for the past 2 years. We love our church and our small group and cherish our friendships with sweet friends that God has given us during our time in Birmingham.

I still have several posts to catch up on (hopefully) before I take off and hit the airways for the summer for furniture installations in Ohio, Boca Raton, Baltimore and Gainesville... I need to fill everyone in on our move to Cullman and Josh's new job! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!


Ryan said...

I love that you posted your stalker photo of David. Classic.

Josh and Rebecca Hewiett said...

And that I did not even comment on it... did not want to freak people out too much. Wanted to see if anyone noticed :)

Josh said...

I'm so mad at myself that I didn't photo bomb him....that would have been great!